Monster Truck Rally

Kevin & I were invited by Johnny & Stephanie Neeley (and group) to go to a Monster Truck Rally up in Salt Lake City. I knew Kevin would want to and I thought it'd be kind of fun (plus I've gone to a few motocross events because I dated a guy who used to do motocross---and they were fun), so we went!  
But first we went to Johnny & Stephanie's house and ate some pasta, chicken, and alfredo.  In addition to the store bought alfredo, Johnny made his own concoction was pretty much melted white cheese. So hilarious. 
Then went drove to the Monster Truck Rally and Johnny didn't want to pay to park so we tried parking in a movie theatre parking lot.  And...the guy caught us and said we had to pay.  So we walked in except for Johnny and he moved the car in the same movie theatre parking lot...and ran away.  Somehow he didn't get caught and we didn't have to pay.  Awesome.  
So the truck rallyt was so much fun! Except for a little kid kicking the back of my chair the whole time, no matter what.  We saw Monster trucks and there were some motocross racing as well. It was so loud! I loved it haha. I felt so white trash even though I was wearing Ed Hardy and some Ugg's. Ha. So here are some pictures of the night:

 As you can tell, Kevin loved it. And he had to wear his cowboy hat. If there is anything related to trash-iness he will wear that hat!!! This picture below is well me, Kev, Johnny, & Stephanie.  
Doesn't everyone love the awkward angle pictures?  It's always most akward for the closest person...which would be Stephanie. She is NOT big at all and is really tiny (she plays Volleyball for the U and Johnny goes to the Y-gotta love it).  Kevin had a picture like this before and he looks like 3000 pounds as in "The Survival of the Half-ton teen" tv show.  By the way who has seen that? Really gross, sad, and suprisingly addicting.
After the truck rally everyone in the parking lot was revving their engines, like the Monster trucks do. Epic.  We almost drove over a big snowy median just because we wanted to be like the drivers.  
Here are some pictures of the actual trucks...at the end they built a huge course where the Monster trucks would drive over a school bus!!! That is so high!!!
Funniest quote of the night is by Johnny's brother.  Talking about professional sweatshirts in relation to his "non" professional camera that the ticket lady wouldn't let him bring in.  Also couldn't leave it in the car because with his big camera it can't get below a certain degree and it was extremely cold that night.  It is a really nice camera but he is NOT a professional photographer.  They also didn't have a coat check or anything check.  Another story right there.  So much drama. Good night!

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