Dear iPhone,

I don't know what I would do without you.
You let me text fast.
Check my email 36 times a day.
You let me tweet.
And go on the internet in class when I'm bored!
Although you do have a high acquisition cost, it is worth it.

Oh & your apps!
1. Redlaser- scans any barcode. Tells you where that product is for the cheapest. Then you show the store (ex. Best Buy) and they price match their competitors. How sweet is that? Cost: $2. Benefits: way over $2!
2. iTrailMap- I can find the trail maps for any ski resort. Even in different countries. Like Japan. Now I always know where I am. Cost: free.
3. Unblock Me (free)- conceptual game where you move blocks around so you can free the one block that needs out! Sounds dumb, and it is dumb, very frustrating, but addicting. I am on puzzle 332. Cost: free.
4. Bump- You have Bump. Your friend (with an iPhone of course) has Bump. You can turn on Bump and transfer contact information, pictures, and much more through a friendly hitting of your cell phones together. Awesome. Cost: free.
5. Echofon- aka Twitter. Always gotta be tweeting and getting followers! What else would I do in class when I'm bored? And I've even won free stuff on Twitter, thanks to re-tweeting on my phone! Cost: free.
6. Soundhound- Listening to a song on the radio? Don't know the artist or song title or lyrics? Hold the iPhone up and let it recognize the song and tell you everything about the artist, their albums, and give you the lyrics to sing a long. Cost: free, for me. My dad may have paid haha.

That is all, thanks iPhone for being there.

So many more apps. Anywho, if I didn't have an iPhone...well I would be really bored. Poor Kevin. He doesn't have an iPhone! Maybe someday!

PS. And yes I can send picture messages now! To all you iPhone haters.


  1. haha, you are so funny.
    I want an iphone so bad. lucky.
    ps- SO sad i can't take the dance class with you. Maybe we can have our own dance parties??

    love amanda

  2. You should totally get one! Ha we can play some games (well on the apps) vs. each other! Anywho lets have dance parties! So far in Advanced Folk we have just done Russian and are learning some mens parts...and doing barrel rolls and trick steps! Anywho see ya on Thurs!