I want this job!!!

So I want this job. Not just any job.  I want THIS one! 

So over the summer and well last Winter semester I thought about changing my major to Psychology, with the Clinical Behavioral emphasis, and... I didn't change it.  I am too far in Business Marketing AND I love it too! But I googled rehab/clinc places because I think it would be awesome to work at a place where you can help change lives.

And I found the Center for Change.  The Center for Change is a 60-bed rehab center for women who are struggling to overcome eating disorders and other mental illnesses/drug addictions that come with the eating disorders.

Position I want: Care Technician
pretty much you become friends with the girls and be their friend, support, confidant, while watching over them to make sure they aren't giving in to their bulimia/eating habits.  You also eat with them (for free-because its part of the job) at the cafeteria (which apparantly has NICE food) and be an example with eating the correct portion sizes and whatnot.  And I've heard you flush their toilets as well. To make sure they didn't purge (throw up). I think you may have to listen to them shower as well, but obviously I have no idea. I think there are different artsy forms that you would probably participate with them in (to help express their feelings), such as art, dance, athletic things...but then again, I don't have the job, but I have known of people working there.  One of my good friend SHAYLA freaking FORSEY's older brother's wife (you following?) worked there.  And I met a girl in my ward who worked as a Care Tech for awhile and then got promoted and she still works there.

Position I applied for: Kitchen Aide-
Pretty much I have a better shot at getting this job.  The requirements are high school graduate and over 18 years old in order to have some company insurance.  The reason why I applied for this is because well I was talking to Kevin about wanting to work there again...the only place I want to work...and looked online and saw some positions available: 
  • Registered Nurses- DEF not qualified
  • Web Author- really Marketing related, BUT I do not know all of the computer programs they want us to know that well.  Plus I don't have much website building skills and I don't know if I could write good letters about their research in the field? I don't know.
  • Kitchen Aide- Okay I could do that!
Kevin said why don't you apply for the Kitchen position? So I thought about it, thought about in business and companies where IF you want to work somewhere, sometimes you just gotta get in the door. As in take ANY job you can... and be a hard worker.  That is a basic principle. And I decided to just apply and see what happens. And then I remembered I knew a lot of girls (CELLY CEL and REBA!) who have worked in the kitchen at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and they had fun. So I guess I could too!

I don't want a mediocre job just for the money.  Surprisingly I guess money doesn't motivate me always. I want to help people get over their problems (or disorders in this case) and make a difference in their lives.  (Or I could work at The Buckle and try to make commission!!!! Which is totally okay, because I was offered a summer sales management position over last summer- make that an internship. And I turned down that internship because I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not at that point). It is just different.

OH and last semester I applied for the Care Tech position and didn't get it.  Apparently that was the most applications they ever received- AND I don't have one thing related to Psychology on my resume- strictly business...so I got to work on that.  Got to love the economy right now.  

So I made a bomb cover letter last night and sent off my application!
I *HOPE* they call...today! Well see!


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