Hello Business.

Hello Integrated Core. Integrated Core is part of the Business school and is a collection of classes you take all at once, and with all the same people.  You work in teams and do a lot of case studies and papers and projects. Incase you are wondering what my classes this semester are, here they are:

Operations & Supply Chain Management- BUS M 361- We meet every Monday/Wednesday morning! Apparantly we learn about "how the company gets what they promised to the consumer". So just about being efficient, cutting down on inventory costs, and stuff like that. We have to visit a manufacturing place and watch a product go from beginning to the end and write about it haha.

Advanced Folk Dance- DANCE 370- Mon/Wed/Fri so 3 times a week for an hour. We will learn Ukrainian, Classical Indian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Israeli, Russian, and name a country...we'll maybe learn it. The usual Folk dance class but at a higher level. Our teacher Rustin (past PAC-er (Performing Arts Company for Folk member)) says we need to bring towels and lots of water and get ready to sweat like crazy and dance real hard. I'm glad to be back in the dance room (good ol' 378 RB) and I know a lot of the dancers there. Oh and I have to take this class for my minor!

Marketing Management- BUS M 341- FINALLY...a class about my major!!!!!! Hallelujah! But it is only 2 times a week...So I've got the best teacher. And he knew my name on the first day because I commented and made some brilliant insights.  I even threw in a few names of Marketing/Business books and talked about their theories haha. So this class is the best. And the funnest. We watched and analyzed commercials for a few minutes once. Thank goodness for this emphasis in the Marriott School. Without it, well I wouldn't be killing myself in this school and if I was still in it...I would be going crazy! It is so hard and I could NEVER major in Accounting. Just throwin it out there.

Organizational Behavior (HR)- OB 321- I don't even know how to start. Well, it is Monday and Wednesday. And lets just say this was the weirdest first impression of a teacher I've EVER had. Ever. Anywhere. Even in high school with the wierd teachers. Gosh I don't even know how to start. Pretty much our teacher came in. He had a hairy face. So lots of facial hair. He was very slow and breathed heavy. He is old and sat on a chair and slowly talked to us. He said he didn't want to make a syllabus because it was restrictive and said he didn't know if we would even use a book or not. He didn't know much. What he said took an hour and a half of class. I think anyone else would have said the same amount of information in 25 minutes. ... Next class time he tells us he has struggled with 2 near fatal sicknesses that has almost killed him.  He was in a coma for a few months, had to learn how to walk, move his arm, talk, and do everything. His lungs were confused and trying to work against themselves.  Something happened to his brain where he is at a loss of words and stammers and can't find a way to explain himself. He is insanely smart and has a Ph.D. but can't explain to us well, at all. No one knows what he is talking about. And 1/3 of the class dropped after the first day. I feel bad for him but I don't know if I'll learn anything and I want to learn about Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, at least somewhat. I think everyone is hoping we can just pass. It is terribly boring and half the class is sleeping because you have to try REALLY hard to follow him. Anywho, poor guy but how can he teach? We can't even understand him. Well see how it goes.

Dance: A Reflection of Culture- DANCE 477- So this is 2 times a week and so far is going well. It is one of my classes for my World dance minor! It will be a lot of work (YES people dance classes are actually a lot of work!), in the writing kind of way. We won't be dancing but doing a lot of studying, reading, and analyzing cultures. I have a few friends in there, well most are all Folk dancers, so it will be fun. We just learn about how dance is a reflection of the specific countries' culture.

Business Ethics- BUS M 390- 2 times a week. Kind of boring so far. We just learn about what is ethics and ethical dilemnas and such. We will analyze certain situations and see how we would act in the situations involved within the business world. Pretty much think of Enron and Arthur Anderson (biggest scandel ever) to anything else where your morals are at stake and theres a difficult situation.

So taking 2 dance minor classes and got 2 more to go. I have Methods of Teaching Dance and also Square and Line Dancing haha. I think I'll be done with school in exactly a year! So next April!
15 credits. Well see how it goes. I've never taken this many before. GOOD LUCK everyone!

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