Bangs or not so much?

To cut bangs (again) or not to? What do you think? I need your advice. It seems like some people are totally against it and some are totally for it...

Pros= stylish, easier to style (at least for me), can kind of pull them off I think, I look like my American Doll Samantha
Cons= my hair grows really fast and they get REALLY long fast, so have a lot of upkeep, annoying sometimes when working out or dancing although can just pin them back, Kevin says I look like Ugly Betty
No Bangs- 
Pros= Can pin them back and braid them more so, more to work with for different hairstyles
Cons= Always look awkward, awkward and hard to style?, big chunk of hair on one of the sides of my faces?
If you HAD to pick one style, what would it be? Haha. 
But really, I would love some advice :) Thanks!


  1. If I HAD to choose I would pick no bangs.. but that's because they are harder for me to style.. but if it's easy for you then I don't see why not!

  2. you look beautiful either way. seriously.
    but--if i could pull of killer bangs..i would.

  3. shoot.

    I'm going to have to go with one of those annoying comments...you look GREAT either way!

    seriously, you do!

    but maybe while bangs are in style again (and the fact that you TOTALLY have the right hair and face to pull it off and look good) you should try it again.