The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

So I have always love love loveed The Bachelor or The Bachelorette!
[Random Bachelor tidbit: I'm also proud to say I'm from Fort Collins and the second Bachelorette Ryan and Trista- well Ryan is from Fort Collins! Anywho I think that is awesome.]
So this season, Jake is The Bachelor.  Jake was one of the studs on last season's The Bachelorette with Jillian, who is now with Ed. I think he is a good Bachelor! Jake is a pilot thus the title "On the Wings of Love" and so far has made some pretty decent decisions on the girls on the show...

Incase you didn't watch, not that it was on the show, but Rozlyn engaged in "innapropriate relations with a Bachelor staff-er"...and Chris, the host, had to ask her to leave during the middle of one of the rose ceremonies (that part was on the show!). Pretty much she was not in the show for Jake, hooked up with an employee (who is now fired), and is a slutty girl....she is way pretty and models (A LOT).  Thats pretty much it for her. He she is, the famous Rozlyn!
That was probably one of the most drama-filled episodes for the show ever.  I don't remember anything so crazy ever happening in the past Bachelor's or Bachelorette's.  So this was crazy!!!!! Anywho, I love this show.  And when its over I tweet about it. And then read other tweets about Bachelor...it's good times haha and definately a good thing after a LONG Monday at school! And Kevin is getting into the show as well so we both watch it when he gets back from Baseball practice or I get done working out!

So far I like Vienna:

Because she reminds me of one of my friends....Go Vienna!
Excited for next Monday!


  1. EWWW!!! Vienna is SICK!!! she is my least favorite! i didnt know you were obsessed with the bachelor, like me! we need to talk about this more my friend. i love you!!!

  2. OH my gosh Alexanderraa!!! Haha. That is funny. I feel like each episode I change my mind on who I like. I liked Vienna because she reminded me of Nikki P! Don't you think they look a little bit alike?