Monster Truck Rally

Kevin & I were invited by Johnny & Stephanie Neeley (and group) to go to a Monster Truck Rally up in Salt Lake City. I knew Kevin would want to and I thought it'd be kind of fun (plus I've gone to a few motocross events because I dated a guy who used to do motocross---and they were fun), so we went!  
But first we went to Johnny & Stephanie's house and ate some pasta, chicken, and alfredo.  In addition to the store bought alfredo, Johnny made his own concoction was pretty much melted white cheese. So hilarious. 
Then went drove to the Monster Truck Rally and Johnny didn't want to pay to park so we tried parking in a movie theatre parking lot.  And...the guy caught us and said we had to pay.  So we walked in except for Johnny and he moved the car in the same movie theatre parking lot...and ran away.  Somehow he didn't get caught and we didn't have to pay.  Awesome.  
So the truck rallyt was so much fun! Except for a little kid kicking the back of my chair the whole time, no matter what.  We saw Monster trucks and there were some motocross racing as well. It was so loud! I loved it haha. I felt so white trash even though I was wearing Ed Hardy and some Ugg's. Ha. So here are some pictures of the night:

 As you can tell, Kevin loved it. And he had to wear his cowboy hat. If there is anything related to trash-iness he will wear that hat!!! This picture below is well me, Kev, Johnny, & Stephanie.  
Doesn't everyone love the awkward angle pictures?  It's always most akward for the closest person...which would be Stephanie. She is NOT big at all and is really tiny (she plays Volleyball for the U and Johnny goes to the Y-gotta love it).  Kevin had a picture like this before and he looks like 3000 pounds as in "The Survival of the Half-ton teen" tv show.  By the way who has seen that? Really gross, sad, and suprisingly addicting.
After the truck rally everyone in the parking lot was revving their engines, like the Monster trucks do. Epic.  We almost drove over a big snowy median just because we wanted to be like the drivers.  
Here are some pictures of the actual trucks...at the end they built a huge course where the Monster trucks would drive over a school bus!!! That is so high!!!
Funniest quote of the night is by Johnny's brother.  Talking about professional sweatshirts in relation to his "non" professional camera that the ticket lady wouldn't let him bring in.  Also couldn't leave it in the car because with his big camera it can't get below a certain degree and it was extremely cold that night.  It is a really nice camera but he is NOT a professional photographer.  They also didn't have a coat check or anything check.  Another story right there.  So much drama. Good night!


Didn't Get the Job...

Man I am not qualified for anything! Haha. Okay this is pathetic!
I applied for a Kitchen Aide position...yes...and I did put a COVER LETTER (WOW for a kitchen working job! ARE YOU SERIOUS...yes I put a cover letter haha I really wanted the job).........................
And....I didn't get it! 
Okay I guess I applied the one of two days they already had interviews set up...so a little late. But wow...how come I can't get a job at the Center for Change? Well apparantly I can get jobs that are a little more qualified...such as:
  • I've been recruited by some business guy in Salt Lake for some company that does something with other startup companies and stuff I have no idea of what he is talking about.  I was supposed to have a "MOCK INTERVIEW" for my Business Management Intro class...and apparantly it wasn't so "MOCK".  It was a good meeting and then he really wanted me to work for him in any way...and emailed me that day of meeting him for the first time...so yeah...didn't work for him
  • Got the Sales & Management Internship at The Buckle- hire, fire, have a management position...and I didn't take it...had to have the decision too soon...and wasn't sure...so nadda!
  • Urban Talent...ha. ha. ha.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch...freshman year... joke hahahaha but no they hired me...and my voicemail was broken...left me a message saying they hired me (didn't even want the job or have any time for one) and to come the next day with my drivers license and random stuff for training...and I didn't show up..because I didn't even know I got the job...until 2 weeks later when I got my voicemail fixed lol...and didn't shop there anymore...oh hey manager....lol totally didn't show up for a job you hired me...
Okay maybe that is it haha- but I really just want an interview...is that too much to ask? But I will keep trying!


Okay. I am going to tell you how to get free stuff. :) Go to the link (on the left side of my blog layout) that says "It's Hip 2 Save" and then once your there click on the 'Freebie' tab on the top of their page.  Then read the random blog posts...and if you click on those links you can score some free samples!

I started doing this last semester when Tara (Kevs sister) told me about all of these websites (there are more than just this one-but so far this is the best) and thought some of them didn't work but got like 10 things over Christmas break...so I am still applying for samples! Every company or place that you sign up for free samples takes different amounts of time for them to be delivered.  Some it is 2 weeks some it is 2 months...but nonetheless you have a good chance of getting them.

[Picture of all of my free stuff or most of it]

Okay up there that says picture, I am going to take a sweet picture of all my free goodies...so you can see.  I am not trying to do this for any hidden agenda other than I love free stuff. So if you have the time you can score a few things too!

But I will get the pic up!!!! Soon!

Some things I've gotten:
  • Aveda travel size shampoo, conditioner, and hair product
  • St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub
  • TONS AND TONS of feminine products (tampons, pads, pantiliners)
  • Breatheright Strips
  • Stacys Chips
  • Heartburn medicine
  • Fiber supplements
  • Philosophy Gingerbread-man Shower gel
  • Coupon books worth of $35 of savings of household goods (stuff we actually use)
  • Science Diet Dog treats
  • Kashi brand snack bar
And more...I will finish the post later!


Living Legends with Amanda!

Amanda Castleberry and I are in Dance 477 which is Dance: A Reflections of Culture class for our World Dance minor.  We were supposed to attend either Living Legends (which does Polynesian, Latin American, and Native American dances) or the International Folk Dance Ensemble (PAC) so we chose Living Legends! The show was fun and I loved the Hoop dance which is a Native American dance.  I also loved the Polynesian dances and the ones with the girls doing hula and using the poi balls. Anywho it was fun. And here is a picture of us with some random dancer we asked to get in a picture with us haha. He is wearing a Native American costume! Hopefully we'll both get A's on our papers critiquing this performance!

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

So I have always love love loveed The Bachelor or The Bachelorette!
[Random Bachelor tidbit: I'm also proud to say I'm from Fort Collins and the second Bachelorette Ryan and Trista- well Ryan is from Fort Collins! Anywho I think that is awesome.]
So this season, Jake is The Bachelor.  Jake was one of the studs on last season's The Bachelorette with Jillian, who is now with Ed. I think he is a good Bachelor! Jake is a pilot thus the title "On the Wings of Love" and so far has made some pretty decent decisions on the girls on the show...

Incase you didn't watch, not that it was on the show, but Rozlyn engaged in "innapropriate relations with a Bachelor staff-er"...and Chris, the host, had to ask her to leave during the middle of one of the rose ceremonies (that part was on the show!). Pretty much she was not in the show for Jake, hooked up with an employee (who is now fired), and is a slutty girl....she is way pretty and models (A LOT).  Thats pretty much it for her. He she is, the famous Rozlyn!
That was probably one of the most drama-filled episodes for the show ever.  I don't remember anything so crazy ever happening in the past Bachelor's or Bachelorette's.  So this was crazy!!!!! Anywho, I love this show.  And when its over I tweet about it. And then read other tweets about Bachelor...it's good times haha and definately a good thing after a LONG Monday at school! And Kevin is getting into the show as well so we both watch it when he gets back from Baseball practice or I get done working out!

So far I like Vienna:

Because she reminds me of one of my friends....Go Vienna!
Excited for next Monday!


Puppy Love

Katinka's best friend is Kita, the Japanese Chin that my family owns.  They were bffs when they met this summer and were way young (12 weeks oldish).  Over Christmas break they got to see each other! I just found a few cute puppy pictures so I thought I'd share them. 
Here is Katinka in her sweater Kathy (Kevs mom) got her for Christmas. The funniest thing was when Katinka first wore it.  Kevin put it on her and she sat there pissed.  She wouldn't move or anything.  All of Kev's family was there and laughing at her! She just was pissed haha. She didn't like the turtleneck sweater! But now I think she is okay with it, for the most part.

Here is Katinka closing her eyes and I think it is hilarious.

Here is a funny picture of Kita (hiding under the bed) and getting Katinka! They like to bite each other and play.  Katinka is getting bitten here!

Here is Tiffany Christensen's puppy. I think his name was Little DOG! They were hilarious. Little dog is a chihuahua/weiner dog mix.


I want this job!!!

So I want this job. Not just any job.  I want THIS one! 

So over the summer and well last Winter semester I thought about changing my major to Psychology, with the Clinical Behavioral emphasis, and... I didn't change it.  I am too far in Business Marketing AND I love it too! But I googled rehab/clinc places because I think it would be awesome to work at a place where you can help change lives.

And I found the Center for Change.  The Center for Change is a 60-bed rehab center for women who are struggling to overcome eating disorders and other mental illnesses/drug addictions that come with the eating disorders.

Position I want: Care Technician
pretty much you become friends with the girls and be their friend, support, confidant, while watching over them to make sure they aren't giving in to their bulimia/eating habits.  You also eat with them (for free-because its part of the job) at the cafeteria (which apparantly has NICE food) and be an example with eating the correct portion sizes and whatnot.  And I've heard you flush their toilets as well. To make sure they didn't purge (throw up). I think you may have to listen to them shower as well, but obviously I have no idea. I think there are different artsy forms that you would probably participate with them in (to help express their feelings), such as art, dance, athletic things...but then again, I don't have the job, but I have known of people working there.  One of my good friend SHAYLA freaking FORSEY's older brother's wife (you following?) worked there.  And I met a girl in my ward who worked as a Care Tech for awhile and then got promoted and she still works there.

Position I applied for: Kitchen Aide-
Pretty much I have a better shot at getting this job.  The requirements are high school graduate and over 18 years old in order to have some company insurance.  The reason why I applied for this is because well I was talking to Kevin about wanting to work there again...the only place I want to work...and looked online and saw some positions available: 
  • Registered Nurses- DEF not qualified
  • Web Author- really Marketing related, BUT I do not know all of the computer programs they want us to know that well.  Plus I don't have much website building skills and I don't know if I could write good letters about their research in the field? I don't know.
  • Kitchen Aide- Okay I could do that!
Kevin said why don't you apply for the Kitchen position? So I thought about it, thought about in business and companies where IF you want to work somewhere, sometimes you just gotta get in the door. As in take ANY job you can... and be a hard worker.  That is a basic principle. And I decided to just apply and see what happens. And then I remembered I knew a lot of girls (CELLY CEL and REBA!) who have worked in the kitchen at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and they had fun. So I guess I could too!

I don't want a mediocre job just for the money.  Surprisingly I guess money doesn't motivate me always. I want to help people get over their problems (or disorders in this case) and make a difference in their lives.  (Or I could work at The Buckle and try to make commission!!!! Which is totally okay, because I was offered a summer sales management position over last summer- make that an internship. And I turned down that internship because I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not at that point). It is just different.

OH and last semester I applied for the Care Tech position and didn't get it.  Apparently that was the most applications they ever received- AND I don't have one thing related to Psychology on my resume- strictly business...so I got to work on that.  Got to love the economy right now.  

So I made a bomb cover letter last night and sent off my application!
I *HOPE* they call...today! Well see!



Domestic Day

I made a meal. Can you believe it? Okay 2 things about being domestic today. That is AMAZING!

1. Crock Pot Santa Fe Shredded Beef
  • 1 small round roast or flank steak (Whatever that is- Just get some steak looking thing at the grocery store that says "roast" on it. That's what I did.)
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 small can green chilies or 1/3 cup salsa
  • Taco Seasoning
Directions: I don't want to type these but pretty much throw in the meat with 2 Tbsp. Water and 2-3 teaspoons of taco seasoning. Let it soak/cook for a LONG time. When its done....SHRED. This was ridiculous!!! I shredded for probably 1 hour. My fingers hurt hahaha. Then throw it on some rice along with the beans and salsa. Kevin liked it. So that's all that matters haha!

2. Chocolate Cake Mix at your local grocery store
  1. Just follow the ingrediants and BAM a cake is made!
  2. Then put on frosting.
 -I made a CHOCOLATE (YUM!!) cake and put on leftover (but still good) vanilla sprinkly frosting (you know the colored ball ones?)

Cooking was pretty good other than the shredding, BUT I did nothing else today. No workout. Had to leave school early (and not write an Ethics paper or a Reflections of Dance Culture paper which I need to be)...and thats about it!

PROPS to me. I am not a very good cook haha so this was a big day. Yes, I'm pretty serious.
PS. If you want some cake, come over.  Not now, but like within a few days-give or take.  It's huge and good and I could use someone else eating it, instead of me!


Bangs or not so much?

To cut bangs (again) or not to? What do you think? I need your advice. It seems like some people are totally against it and some are totally for it...

Pros= stylish, easier to style (at least for me), can kind of pull them off I think, I look like my American Doll Samantha
Cons= my hair grows really fast and they get REALLY long fast, so have a lot of upkeep, annoying sometimes when working out or dancing although can just pin them back, Kevin says I look like Ugly Betty
No Bangs- 
Pros= Can pin them back and braid them more so, more to work with for different hairstyles
Cons= Always look awkward, awkward and hard to style?, big chunk of hair on one of the sides of my faces?
If you HAD to pick one style, what would it be? Haha. 
But really, I would love some advice :) Thanks!


Welcome back ugly black skirt.

I get to wear my Folk dance skirt 3 days a week...thanks to Advanced Folk Dance 370! One of my few classes left for my Dance minor!!!  I had put away my Folk dance skirt for a whole semester, and it was pretty good. Now if you see me on campus, I will most likely be wearing an ugly black skirt, black leggings/tights, and random shirt and shoes. Now I look like a bum! AND I'm in a ton more Business classes. So not professional-like. Makes it easier to get dressed in the morning but still. Gotta love it.

Maybe I'll put up a picture, later.

Recommend: Blood Diamond

Last night, instead of FHE, Kevin & I watched Blood Diamond (edited of course, because it is rated R). That movie was so intense and showed the people of Africa and their past struggles due to "conflict diamonds" or "blood diamonds".  The people in the movie, or Africans, only have their families, and would just struggle to live peacefully.  Diamonds are a scarcity in the world and anything of value caused great conflict in South Africa, or wherever exactly this really happened.  People are killed left and right due to trying to acquire the diamonds.  The diamonds are supposedly more important than people's lives.  I feel so lucky and blessed to live in America where we can live peacefully and pursue our dreams.  If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it!
Here was supposed to be one picture to make you want to watch the movie, then I found more. :)

PS. Leonardo dominated this movie. Well done Leo.



Dear iPhone,

I don't know what I would do without you.
You let me text fast.
Check my email 36 times a day.
You let me tweet.
And go on the internet in class when I'm bored!
Although you do have a high acquisition cost, it is worth it.

Oh & your apps!
1. Redlaser- scans any barcode. Tells you where that product is for the cheapest. Then you show the store (ex. Best Buy) and they price match their competitors. How sweet is that? Cost: $2. Benefits: way over $2!
2. iTrailMap- I can find the trail maps for any ski resort. Even in different countries. Like Japan. Now I always know where I am. Cost: free.
3. Unblock Me (free)- conceptual game where you move blocks around so you can free the one block that needs out! Sounds dumb, and it is dumb, very frustrating, but addicting. I am on puzzle 332. Cost: free.
4. Bump- You have Bump. Your friend (with an iPhone of course) has Bump. You can turn on Bump and transfer contact information, pictures, and much more through a friendly hitting of your cell phones together. Awesome. Cost: free.
5. Echofon- aka Twitter. Always gotta be tweeting and getting followers! What else would I do in class when I'm bored? And I've even won free stuff on Twitter, thanks to re-tweeting on my phone! Cost: free.
6. Soundhound- Listening to a song on the radio? Don't know the artist or song title or lyrics? Hold the iPhone up and let it recognize the song and tell you everything about the artist, their albums, and give you the lyrics to sing a long. Cost: free, for me. My dad may have paid haha.

That is all, thanks iPhone for being there.

So many more apps. Anywho, if I didn't have an iPhone...well I would be really bored. Poor Kevin. He doesn't have an iPhone! Maybe someday!

PS. And yes I can send picture messages now! To all you iPhone haters.


Hello Business.

Hello Integrated Core. Integrated Core is part of the Business school and is a collection of classes you take all at once, and with all the same people.  You work in teams and do a lot of case studies and papers and projects. Incase you are wondering what my classes this semester are, here they are:

Operations & Supply Chain Management- BUS M 361- We meet every Monday/Wednesday morning! Apparantly we learn about "how the company gets what they promised to the consumer". So just about being efficient, cutting down on inventory costs, and stuff like that. We have to visit a manufacturing place and watch a product go from beginning to the end and write about it haha.

Advanced Folk Dance- DANCE 370- Mon/Wed/Fri so 3 times a week for an hour. We will learn Ukrainian, Classical Indian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Israeli, Russian, and name a country...we'll maybe learn it. The usual Folk dance class but at a higher level. Our teacher Rustin (past PAC-er (Performing Arts Company for Folk member)) says we need to bring towels and lots of water and get ready to sweat like crazy and dance real hard. I'm glad to be back in the dance room (good ol' 378 RB) and I know a lot of the dancers there. Oh and I have to take this class for my minor!

Marketing Management- BUS M 341- FINALLY...a class about my major!!!!!! Hallelujah! But it is only 2 times a week...So I've got the best teacher. And he knew my name on the first day because I commented and made some brilliant insights.  I even threw in a few names of Marketing/Business books and talked about their theories haha. So this class is the best. And the funnest. We watched and analyzed commercials for a few minutes once. Thank goodness for this emphasis in the Marriott School. Without it, well I wouldn't be killing myself in this school and if I was still in it...I would be going crazy! It is so hard and I could NEVER major in Accounting. Just throwin it out there.

Organizational Behavior (HR)- OB 321- I don't even know how to start. Well, it is Monday and Wednesday. And lets just say this was the weirdest first impression of a teacher I've EVER had. Ever. Anywhere. Even in high school with the wierd teachers. Gosh I don't even know how to start. Pretty much our teacher came in. He had a hairy face. So lots of facial hair. He was very slow and breathed heavy. He is old and sat on a chair and slowly talked to us. He said he didn't want to make a syllabus because it was restrictive and said he didn't know if we would even use a book or not. He didn't know much. What he said took an hour and a half of class. I think anyone else would have said the same amount of information in 25 minutes. ... Next class time he tells us he has struggled with 2 near fatal sicknesses that has almost killed him.  He was in a coma for a few months, had to learn how to walk, move his arm, talk, and do everything. His lungs were confused and trying to work against themselves.  Something happened to his brain where he is at a loss of words and stammers and can't find a way to explain himself. He is insanely smart and has a Ph.D. but can't explain to us well, at all. No one knows what he is talking about. And 1/3 of the class dropped after the first day. I feel bad for him but I don't know if I'll learn anything and I want to learn about Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, at least somewhat. I think everyone is hoping we can just pass. It is terribly boring and half the class is sleeping because you have to try REALLY hard to follow him. Anywho, poor guy but how can he teach? We can't even understand him. Well see how it goes.

Dance: A Reflection of Culture- DANCE 477- So this is 2 times a week and so far is going well. It is one of my classes for my World dance minor! It will be a lot of work (YES people dance classes are actually a lot of work!), in the writing kind of way. We won't be dancing but doing a lot of studying, reading, and analyzing cultures. I have a few friends in there, well most are all Folk dancers, so it will be fun. We just learn about how dance is a reflection of the specific countries' culture.

Business Ethics- BUS M 390- 2 times a week. Kind of boring so far. We just learn about what is ethics and ethical dilemnas and such. We will analyze certain situations and see how we would act in the situations involved within the business world. Pretty much think of Enron and Arthur Anderson (biggest scandel ever) to anything else where your morals are at stake and theres a difficult situation.

So taking 2 dance minor classes and got 2 more to go. I have Methods of Teaching Dance and also Square and Line Dancing haha. I think I'll be done with school in exactly a year! So next April!
15 credits. Well see how it goes. I've never taken this many before. GOOD LUCK everyone!