Time Flies

Kevin & I went to my little brother Hunter's school Christmas(or make that Holiday) Party.
I remember being in Elementary School.
My family moved to Colorado when I was in 3rd grade and I was 8 years old.
Hunter is going to Werner Elementary. I went there.
We went to his party and man, I used to be that little! Time went by so fast. Soon I am going to be a grandma...oh my goodness.

Here is Hunter with an ornament he made. The desks are SO short. I had a desk just like this.
Reminds me of a Story #1: Hunter felt like cutting his hair one day in school. He cut a big chunk of it from the front and put the chunk of hair in his desk. If you can see he is kind of missing hair in the front of his face. So funny. Not much you can do about it I guess.

Story #2: Hunter occasionally reminds me about the "good old days".  Apparantly he remembers the "good old days" as when one day he went into my old room in our old house (Huntington Hills). He remembers specifically sitting on my bed.  I would give him random stuff I didn't want in my room because I always seemed to be going through my room. I collected so many random things. Kind of a hoarder. Mom would then get mad at me because then Hunter would collect them haha. He also remembers asking me about Cocoa, our chihuahua. He never knew her because my mom made me get rid of her when she was pregnant with Hunter. Or at least that was her excuse. She just was sick of Cocoa. Anyways, he always brings them up. Those "good old days".

Here is a picture of all of us at his Christmas Party. It was also crazy hat day so he is wearing a hat he got from Turkey, on my senior trip. I love that hat of his. Wish I had one haha

And here is me around Hunter's age. Funny to see the difference haha. Oh and that beanie baby was awesome. I collected Beanie Babies AND my favorite color was green :)

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