A few pictures of the week in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kevin shot a deer. I barely touched it. It made me sad that it was dead. I wanted to pet it. Prettty bird, pretttty bird. But really, it was horrible to see a beautiful creature of God's dead with blood coming out of its mouth! I was really sad. I got over it the next day though, when they said deer are everywhere. Here is David Painter. He is gutting his deer. This is the most explicit picture I have on my blog! I apologize if you are offended ha!!! It is pretty gross but kind of interesting. Suprisingly, I watched. Anywho, David is my brother in law (Tara's hubby). They went hunting a few times and FINALLY each shot a deer. I thought they were not going to get any haha. But of course they did, otherwise they would keep going until they did.
Before the gutting. Kevin was kind of a wimp and let David do all of the gutting. Funny thing is, that this is in Kevin's parents backyard. Just hung up a deer, got a huge light, and went to town. Katinka kept trying to get outside and I did NOT want her to go over to the deer because knowing her curiousity (and she is always cute) she would try to lick the blood or something.
Kevin is the proud shooter of a deer. He looks too happy.
This is a picture when I really bonded with the deer. The deer was laying on its side and the legs were stretched out, and sometimes Katinka does that, and it kind of reminded me of her. Which reminds me, the kids (CJ, Lily, Zach) were in the basement (which was near this explicit scene), and all were pressing their faces up to the window and watching the deers. I don't remember who asked me but one of them asked me why they killed the deer. I said because we need to eat meat or something, lame answer. But dang, what a scene! If I was a little kid I would for sure have a nightmare!!!! I cried when my caterpillar died!
The boys (Kevin & David) played a ping pong game. Whoever lost got to hit a ping pong ball as hard as they wanted and aim where they wanted...with the guys shirt off. David kept missing Kevin so Kevin got like a handfull of hits haha.
And here is David...lol I think Kevin won. I guess Kevin has got to have good aim if he is on the BYU Baseball team.
Miss Lily Painter and Katinka bonded during the vacation. Lily loved to play with Katinka and take her in Kevin's room (where we stayed, obviously and Katinka in her kennel) and then play with her and her toys and feed her treats. Here is Lily throwing Katinka's food around! Katinka always eats like she's never had food before (now she's on a diet lol). They were very cute together! So I think Lily needs a puppy friend :) Haha just kidding Tara.
Kevin LOVES food. Here is he eating a big chunk of turkey on the big Turkey day. Man, the food was SOOOo good! I always love stuffing, jello salad, the rolls, mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy! Well pretty much everything!
So those were a few of the pictures I took over the break...just realized I didn't really take that many at all, especially when other people were taking pictures. All I really got was the deer shenanagins!!! Anyways, Thanksgiving is the best! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. oh ashley...look what you married into!! :)


    this post cracks me up, because, yeah hanging a deer in your backyard is just weird.

    haha! Can't wait to hang out again in a few days!

    no hunting large animals this time right?

    we did make some really good deer jerky