Snowboarding at Copper Mountain

Kevin & me excited to go up the lift before Kevin's 1st run

Colorado snow > Utah snow


I am so glad to have gone over Christmas break. I haven't been in about 2 years because

1. Fractured my foot and it had a long recovery. That resulted in me refraining from purchasing a season pass the following year. It was still messed up. I even had to drop a few dance classes that semester.
2. Dance & school is so busy!

Kevin hasn't gone snowboarding because:
1. He has belonged to Baseball his whole life. He still does belong to Baseball. No time for much else.
2. Missouri doesn't have good mountains or snow. I think Anna (his sister) has skiied once or something somewhere on manmade snow.
3. I don't even know if he is technically allowed to snowboard/ski being on BYU's Baseball team.

We went anyway. It was amazing and I loved it. And Kevin learned how to snowboard real quick. I knew he would catch on quickly. He's so athletic! Ah I wish I were that way so I could do every sport or anything with physical strength like him. Here are some pictures:

So here is Kevin after a bad run lol. So Kevin is going snowboarding once (well he did) and he is going skiing tomorrow in order to decide which one he likes better. It will be a difficult decision, I think, because skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding. And I snowboard. And yes, I think he should snowboard haha. I hope he picks it, but well see. Hopefully so, so we can go in the terrain park and mess around doing boxes and rails and whatnot. Well definately be getting season passes next winter. And he'll be allowed to snowboard for sure and can even get hurt haha! So I'm excited! And were going to Copper again tomorrow. Love that resort. That's it!


  1. Ashley! You guys are so cute! and so is your puppy! i am jealous :)

    It looks like you are doing well and are happy!

    PS. I love it when people have blogs! I have one too if you want to follow: Carlyjan.blogspot.com

  2. Oh my gosh thank you so much! Haha. You should def get a puppy! I highly recommend it! Puppies are the best!

    How are you doing girl? Congrats on the marriage and looks like your doing well, as well :) And I'm following your blog now! Yay!