Worst Chrismas Present Ever

Kevin & I woke up this morning feeling achy & weak & tired & yucky!
Last night we went to bed feeling fantastic. We watched 4 Christmases and it was hilarious. Nothing was out of the ordinary.
And THEN....we BOTH woke up sick. What the heck? How could we both get SICK at the SAME time???
Worst timing ever. Christmas Eve....till Christmas day...so far. So much for our Christmas break. We hadn't finished our Christmas shopping and we were planning on doing a few last minute errands and having fun. Oh well. We just chilled and nothing but sleep, play fishing on the Wii (Kevo), computer stuff (me), and I blogged.

Incase you don't know, I will do ANYTHING to NOT get sick.
3 Quick Examples:
1. High School- When Patrick or Zach...got the flu (like barfing), I left the house. I went to a boyfriends (okay he was my boyfriend ha) house and did ALL of my homework there and pretty much lived there lol. I would avoid his room and NOT go in there. No offense. But I avoided it and avoided everyone who even was hanging out with him. Rude? Possibly. Neccessary? Yes. Absolutely!

2. Christmas Break Senior Year in High School- Zach? No Patrick. Patrick had the flu at Breckenridge. Breckenridge is the most beautiful place on Earth. We had a gorgeous condo to ourselves for the week. Breckenridge is famous for its beautiful snow and skiing and snowboarding! Luckily there were a few bedrooms. Patrick got the flu and I was out of our hotel room (or condo room?).  Gone. Hungout in the lobby and met randoms. Or read...forgot what I was reading... Then my boyfriend came up for a few days to snowboard with us and earlier in the day I was talking to him (on the phone) about how lucky I was to not get sick and that I had gone snowboarding 1 (or 2 days!). He got up here and I said I felt weird. I told him and my dad I felt like I was getting sick. Then the mental excuse came out of them. I hear this mental phenomenon from Kevin as well. No you are just making yourself sick because your thinking you will! An hour after I went to bed. Bam. Sick. Barfed. Worst week ever. So much for snowboarding.

3. Freshman Year with Nancy Jones: Nancy is an awesome girl. She was a super fun room mate and was always out and about doing pranks on random people on our floor. Freshman year we lived in Helamen Halls, specifically in David John. In David John, there are 4 suitemates and 1 bathroom to share. So room of 2 girls, bathroom that connects, and room of 2 other girls.
One day I was peeing getting ready for school or something. Then all of a sudden, I heard someone barf. My suitemate Jodi barfed in the sink because I was peeing. GROSS! Luckily there were 2 sinks. After that, Nancy and I had a quick moment of word and I said we are NOT going in there until she is better. We both got in sweats. Just like this:

I thought I had a picture of me and Nancy both like this, but I guess not. So here am I. I said we cannot touch anything with our bare hands or breath. We held our breath. We went into the bathroom, packed up our stuff- makeup, face wash, toothbrushes, blow dryers, extc. Shut the door and it was banned until the sickness was gone.
We then walked the halls asking people for some medicine that you put in your drink that fizzes, so you won't get sick. I found a girl down the hall and she gave us some. It was called Emergen-C. Hand sanitzers came out. We walked to the Cannon Center (cafeteria and little conveniance store) and bought some Orange Juice. We pounded it like crazy. I asked Shayla if we could shower in her bathroom. So I did. I don't remember where Nancy showered. Now I'm wondering if she showered in our bathroom!! We both brough our bags down with our toiletries and got ready for bed in the hall bathroom. Now, we were on the first floor and the only hall bathroom was the one in the lobby, where all the Freshman hung out at night. It was accross the RA's little desk and was really just for people who had to go when they were just in the building. No shower or anything really.
And we DIDNT GET SICK!!! :)
Here is Nancy & I in front of our dorm room. Wish I had a picture of her with me preventing our sickness! Love this girl!

It pays off to do everything within your power to NOT get sick. Anywho...were sick. And If I blog about this more, which I could easily do, I may get sicker. Good night! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

If your offended or think I'm mean for avoiding sick people, sorry. I HATE being sick. Especially throwing up. So don't worry, I will never become bulimic!

Update: It's official. Got the flu. So much for Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day. :( Kevin didn't get it as better so at least he is feeling better!

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