Recommend: Color Me Mine

Date Night at Color Me Mine
Kevin + me
Benji + Kendall Hess

We first went out with this couple to Color Me Mine and it was our first time hanging out. We actually met them in church and they were also a couple in the Activities committee with us.

Color Me Mine is a place where you purchase their ceramics and then you get to paint them and they do all the rest. You use your artistic talent and paint away and Color Me Mine provides the paints and everything you need, cleans up the mess, cleans the brushes (I hated doing that in art classes in high school), put them in the kiln, and then you pick them up a few days later.  Click here to find out more.

Any who, it was really fun and they are one of the funniest couples ever. I just laugh basically the whole time. Kevin & I chose a Christmas plate that said "Cookies for Santa" because we thought it looked easy, because you just painted in the lines. Plus we don't have too many Christmas decorations. Truth: It is NOT easy.  It takes forever and you have to do 3 layers of the paint. It is super hard to get in between the letters and painting around the ornaments on the tree and whatnot. We ended up having to come back for a 2nd double date for us to finish and the Hess' painted their next ceramics.

It was really fun. I want to go back. Here is the finished product:

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