Oh Miley.

Saw this video thanks to Anna Sloan (my sister-in-law). It is hilarious. My favorite part is when the 3 guys flip their heads out of the pool and then lift the one guy in the middle. You'll have to watch it to understand :)
Thanks Miley. For making this song.
-Kevin loves it.
-All of Kevin's friends love it...friends from Missouri...BYU Baseball friends...me.

Kevin loved it so much he made it his ring tone. Until it started ringing in the Student Athlete Building (SAB) computer lab and Kev had his headphones on. Everyone was laughing. Kevin didn't even know what was going on. Then one of his buddies on the team told him his ring tone was blaring. Haha. So he changed his ring tone to something else. It was super gay.


  1. Girl that is HILARIOUS! I'm so glad you put it on your blog. I may need to steal it and put it on mine.

  2. HAHA Kevin you are too funny! You are probably the biggest Hannah Montana fan I know...besides me!
    -Ben Castleberry

  3. Haha I'm so glad you put this video on your blog! And I love how Ben read this. You should have Ben text Kevin and ask about Party in the USA ringtone...and Kevin will get a little embarrassed. HA!