New Calling!

So Kev and I got promoted from Activities Committee to
Bigtime calling- okay not so much but kind of!
Okay so it is definately 'not' a promotion, it is a calling haha. But I like to say that. We plan all of the sweet Ward parties now! I kind of like planning parties. We just need more people to show up. Anywho, we had our first one- the Ward Christmas Party and it went well! We got food from BYU Catering and used Sean McNaughton's chocolate fountain! We had a service auction and I auctioned off free dog-sitting.
A year ago, in our Relief Society, I auctioned off Clogging lessons (my only talent)...and I don't think anyone wanted them haha. A girl said she wanted them and then she won (the only bidder) and then never asked me to do them. It was so sad haha. But a couple has a little Schnauzer and someone wanted my offer! I was happy. So I think that will go through.
I won a free Mexican dinner (from a couple who apparantly cooks Mexican lol) and an awesome crocheted headband made by my friend Kendall Hess! So I'm stoked for that one. Anywho, it was good :)
Here is my artsy chocolate fountain shish-ka-bobb (spelling haha)

This is pretty much the only picture I have other than my chocolate creation! This is the other couple who is on the committee. Christy & Dan Weber! They are super cute and I actually lived with Christy sophomore year for a semester at good ol' King Henry Apartments (not-that place was awful!). So it's fun having them in our ward! I had no idea they were in our Ward until one day in church when we were singing, someone said something like "Ashley" and I turned around and there was Christy!

That's about it. It went well especially for planning it only a few days in advance! We didn't know we were planning it until the Sunday before the event. The party was on a Friday.

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