Katinka forgot how to walk

Love her. Love everything about my puppy Katinkles!!! Watch her back legs. They are hilarious. She kicks out with them because she doesn't know how to walk in them!

Like a month ago, after I bought these adorable booties at Walmart, I put them on her and we went on a walk. She walked just like this the whole time and I was laughing because it was so cute. All of a sudden I heard a hysterical shriek and this lady was laughing at us (in her car next to the sidwalk)! She was super loud!

One time she didn't wear her booties in the snow (I was going to see if she could handle herself since she walks so silly in her booties), and she started crying. The snow was too cold and her paws were freezing!!! She started screaming and looking at me so I had to pick her up and bring her inside! Poor baby!!!


  1. haha, oh my gosh ashley i love you. You crack me up. I love katinkas booties. :)

  2. Yah she is pretty silly in them! By the way you guys need to move so you can get a dog! Oh and by the way we need to hangout ASAP!