BYU Baseball Christmas Party

So every fall term right before Christmas, there is an annual Christmas party. The coaches tell everyone to dress up nice (in church clothes and ties) and all of the returning players know you can wear whatever you want. BUT the freshman all come in suits and nice slacks and shirts haha. So this is a picture of some of the team after the party. It is kind of an akward picture considering everyone is doing their own thing and the couch is in there and some people were too lazy to get up for the picture. Anywho, if you find Kevin he is making an obnoxious face!

Here is Kevin giving his 'gag-gift' to freshman who I forgot his name...! But don't worry the season hasn't technically started and I'll know all of their names by March :)

Kevin gave him a couple things. Here is a gingerbread man (with the back saying one of the players last names and baseball number) because apparantly he is always with him and he will miss him during break. SO here he is as a gingerbread man!

Here is Brianne playing doctor to Brandon Relf. Coach Roberts had Brandon Relf. And he got Bri some doctor scrubs and such because Brandon is the one player who has gotten sick and hurt the most recently! Coach Roberts made it sound like Relf was always faking it haha

Brandon Relf got Brandon Michon this year and got him a BYU hat with a mirror taped onto it. Apparantly Brandon Michon (a pitcher) always likes to look behind after every pitch to see his speed of the pitch haha.

Here is Brandon Michon putting this guy on a big leash (with diamonds glued on thanks to his wife Kelly) haha. It was pretty funny but I don't remember the exact story. I also don't know this player yet.

Chris got Kevin a poster from the movie 300. Kevin is obsessed with this movie. And Kevin's face was put on the main guy's face from the 300 movie. You basically have to see the poster! And he sneaked around and put up that poster in our bedroom! Haha. Doesn't really go.

These Baseball parties are hilarious. I laughed so hard. It ended up being like 4 hours!

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