2009 was fabulous. Here are 29 reasons why:

1. Kevin & I's 1st Anniversary
2. Camping in Utah
3. Seeing Kevin play baseball at KState
4. Kevin pitching for BYU Baseball
5. Getting Katinka, our puppy
6. Moving from the Branbury to Oakhurst- bigger and better
7. Folk Dance -1RB- doing an Israeli dance in the Spring Festival of Nations performance
8. Meeting new friends
9. BYU football- beating Utah and winning the Vegas Bowl
10. Getting a gym pass to Golds and doing fun workout classes with friends
11. Going to Eagles hockey games -CHL league
12. Snowboarding- first time in a long time due to fractured foot and too much school and dance!
13. Kevin learning how to snowboard= priceless!
14. Friends getting engaged and married
15. My Chinese dance class at BYU
16. BYU Baseball games
17. New nephews on Kevin's side of the family- Roman & Marquise
18. Shopping- everytime :)
19. Our new ward and new calling of Activities Chair People (Kev & I plan all the parties/activities)
20. Finishing Winter and Fall of '09 semesters at BYU & getting through finals
21. Patrick's college trip at BYU
22. Family visits at school
23. Thanksgiving feasts
24. My friends
25. Tubing the Provo River multiple times (one time frozen- with the Castleberry's)
26. Being artsy at Color Me Mine (painting ceramics) & painting artwork for our apartment/condo
27. Katinka being cute, doing tricks, and snuggling
28. Mom coming out for my birthday while Kevin was gone playing baseball
29. The Gospel and how it has affected our lives.

Thanks 2009, but we are ready for 2010. Got a few more hours :)


  1. Ah how fun!!! What Golds GYm do you go to? I love going to their classes. I have done the Yoga, Turbokick, and Dirty Dancing! :)

  2. Oh, well have to go sometime to a class! I go to the one by University Mall, so the Orem one. I've tried all those classes you do. I also have tried Cycling, Body Firm (which is kind of weird haha), TurboKick/Step, PowerPump (which is awesome), andd...that might be it...but I love TurboKick and PowerPump a lot!