Snowboarding at Copper Mountain

Kevin & me excited to go up the lift before Kevin's 1st run

Colorado snow > Utah snow


I am so glad to have gone over Christmas break. I haven't been in about 2 years because

1. Fractured my foot and it had a long recovery. That resulted in me refraining from purchasing a season pass the following year. It was still messed up. I even had to drop a few dance classes that semester.
2. Dance & school is so busy!

Kevin hasn't gone snowboarding because:
1. He has belonged to Baseball his whole life. He still does belong to Baseball. No time for much else.
2. Missouri doesn't have good mountains or snow. I think Anna (his sister) has skiied once or something somewhere on manmade snow.
3. I don't even know if he is technically allowed to snowboard/ski being on BYU's Baseball team.

We went anyway. It was amazing and I loved it. And Kevin learned how to snowboard real quick. I knew he would catch on quickly. He's so athletic! Ah I wish I were that way so I could do every sport or anything with physical strength like him. Here are some pictures:

So here is Kevin after a bad run lol. So Kevin is going snowboarding once (well he did) and he is going skiing tomorrow in order to decide which one he likes better. It will be a difficult decision, I think, because skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding. And I snowboard. And yes, I think he should snowboard haha. I hope he picks it, but well see. Hopefully so, so we can go in the terrain park and mess around doing boxes and rails and whatnot. Well definately be getting season passes next winter. And he'll be allowed to snowboard for sure and can even get hurt haha! So I'm excited! And were going to Copper again tomorrow. Love that resort. That's it!


2009 was fabulous. Here are 29 reasons why:

1. Kevin & I's 1st Anniversary
2. Camping in Utah
3. Seeing Kevin play baseball at KState
4. Kevin pitching for BYU Baseball
5. Getting Katinka, our puppy
6. Moving from the Branbury to Oakhurst- bigger and better
7. Folk Dance -1RB- doing an Israeli dance in the Spring Festival of Nations performance
8. Meeting new friends
9. BYU football- beating Utah and winning the Vegas Bowl
10. Getting a gym pass to Golds and doing fun workout classes with friends
11. Going to Eagles hockey games -CHL league
12. Snowboarding- first time in a long time due to fractured foot and too much school and dance!
13. Kevin learning how to snowboard= priceless!
14. Friends getting engaged and married
15. My Chinese dance class at BYU
16. BYU Baseball games
17. New nephews on Kevin's side of the family- Roman & Marquise
18. Shopping- everytime :)
19. Our new ward and new calling of Activities Chair People (Kev & I plan all the parties/activities)
20. Finishing Winter and Fall of '09 semesters at BYU & getting through finals
21. Patrick's college trip at BYU
22. Family visits at school
23. Thanksgiving feasts
24. My friends
25. Tubing the Provo River multiple times (one time frozen- with the Castleberry's)
26. Being artsy at Color Me Mine (painting ceramics) & painting artwork for our apartment/condo
27. Katinka being cute, doing tricks, and snuggling
28. Mom coming out for my birthday while Kevin was gone playing baseball
29. The Gospel and how it has affected our lives.

Thanks 2009, but we are ready for 2010. Got a few more hours :)



Worst Chrismas Present Ever

Kevin & I woke up this morning feeling achy & weak & tired & yucky!
Last night we went to bed feeling fantastic. We watched 4 Christmases and it was hilarious. Nothing was out of the ordinary.
And THEN....we BOTH woke up sick. What the heck? How could we both get SICK at the SAME time???
Worst timing ever. Christmas Eve....till Christmas day...so far. So much for our Christmas break. We hadn't finished our Christmas shopping and we were planning on doing a few last minute errands and having fun. Oh well. We just chilled and nothing but sleep, play fishing on the Wii (Kevo), computer stuff (me), and I blogged.

Incase you don't know, I will do ANYTHING to NOT get sick.
3 Quick Examples:
1. High School- When Patrick or Zach...got the flu (like barfing), I left the house. I went to a boyfriends (okay he was my boyfriend ha) house and did ALL of my homework there and pretty much lived there lol. I would avoid his room and NOT go in there. No offense. But I avoided it and avoided everyone who even was hanging out with him. Rude? Possibly. Neccessary? Yes. Absolutely!

2. Christmas Break Senior Year in High School- Zach? No Patrick. Patrick had the flu at Breckenridge. Breckenridge is the most beautiful place on Earth. We had a gorgeous condo to ourselves for the week. Breckenridge is famous for its beautiful snow and skiing and snowboarding! Luckily there were a few bedrooms. Patrick got the flu and I was out of our hotel room (or condo room?).  Gone. Hungout in the lobby and met randoms. Or read...forgot what I was reading... Then my boyfriend came up for a few days to snowboard with us and earlier in the day I was talking to him (on the phone) about how lucky I was to not get sick and that I had gone snowboarding 1 (or 2 days!). He got up here and I said I felt weird. I told him and my dad I felt like I was getting sick. Then the mental excuse came out of them. I hear this mental phenomenon from Kevin as well. No you are just making yourself sick because your thinking you will! An hour after I went to bed. Bam. Sick. Barfed. Worst week ever. So much for snowboarding.

3. Freshman Year with Nancy Jones: Nancy is an awesome girl. She was a super fun room mate and was always out and about doing pranks on random people on our floor. Freshman year we lived in Helamen Halls, specifically in David John. In David John, there are 4 suitemates and 1 bathroom to share. So room of 2 girls, bathroom that connects, and room of 2 other girls.
One day I was peeing getting ready for school or something. Then all of a sudden, I heard someone barf. My suitemate Jodi barfed in the sink because I was peeing. GROSS! Luckily there were 2 sinks. After that, Nancy and I had a quick moment of word and I said we are NOT going in there until she is better. We both got in sweats. Just like this:

I thought I had a picture of me and Nancy both like this, but I guess not. So here am I. I said we cannot touch anything with our bare hands or breath. We held our breath. We went into the bathroom, packed up our stuff- makeup, face wash, toothbrushes, blow dryers, extc. Shut the door and it was banned until the sickness was gone.
We then walked the halls asking people for some medicine that you put in your drink that fizzes, so you won't get sick. I found a girl down the hall and she gave us some. It was called Emergen-C. Hand sanitzers came out. We walked to the Cannon Center (cafeteria and little conveniance store) and bought some Orange Juice. We pounded it like crazy. I asked Shayla if we could shower in her bathroom. So I did. I don't remember where Nancy showered. Now I'm wondering if she showered in our bathroom!! We both brough our bags down with our toiletries and got ready for bed in the hall bathroom. Now, we were on the first floor and the only hall bathroom was the one in the lobby, where all the Freshman hung out at night. It was accross the RA's little desk and was really just for people who had to go when they were just in the building. No shower or anything really.
And we DIDNT GET SICK!!! :)
Here is Nancy & I in front of our dorm room. Wish I had a picture of her with me preventing our sickness! Love this girl!

It pays off to do everything within your power to NOT get sick. Anywho...were sick. And If I blog about this more, which I could easily do, I may get sicker. Good night! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

If your offended or think I'm mean for avoiding sick people, sorry. I HATE being sick. Especially throwing up. So don't worry, I will never become bulimic!

Update: It's official. Got the flu. So much for Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day. :( Kevin didn't get it as better so at least he is feeling better!

Time Flies

Kevin & I went to my little brother Hunter's school Christmas(or make that Holiday) Party.
I remember being in Elementary School.
My family moved to Colorado when I was in 3rd grade and I was 8 years old.
Hunter is going to Werner Elementary. I went there.
We went to his party and man, I used to be that little! Time went by so fast. Soon I am going to be a grandma...oh my goodness.

Here is Hunter with an ornament he made. The desks are SO short. I had a desk just like this.
Reminds me of a Story #1: Hunter felt like cutting his hair one day in school. He cut a big chunk of it from the front and put the chunk of hair in his desk. If you can see he is kind of missing hair in the front of his face. So funny. Not much you can do about it I guess.

Story #2: Hunter occasionally reminds me about the "good old days".  Apparantly he remembers the "good old days" as when one day he went into my old room in our old house (Huntington Hills). He remembers specifically sitting on my bed.  I would give him random stuff I didn't want in my room because I always seemed to be going through my room. I collected so many random things. Kind of a hoarder. Mom would then get mad at me because then Hunter would collect them haha. He also remembers asking me about Cocoa, our chihuahua. He never knew her because my mom made me get rid of her when she was pregnant with Hunter. Or at least that was her excuse. She just was sick of Cocoa. Anyways, he always brings them up. Those "good old days".

Here is a picture of all of us at his Christmas Party. It was also crazy hat day so he is wearing a hat he got from Turkey, on my senior trip. I love that hat of his. Wish I had one haha

And here is me around Hunter's age. Funny to see the difference haha. Oh and that beanie baby was awesome. I collected Beanie Babies AND my favorite color was green :)

Recommend: Color Me Mine

Date Night at Color Me Mine
Kevin + me
Benji + Kendall Hess

We first went out with this couple to Color Me Mine and it was our first time hanging out. We actually met them in church and they were also a couple in the Activities committee with us.

Color Me Mine is a place where you purchase their ceramics and then you get to paint them and they do all the rest. You use your artistic talent and paint away and Color Me Mine provides the paints and everything you need, cleans up the mess, cleans the brushes (I hated doing that in art classes in high school), put them in the kiln, and then you pick them up a few days later.  Click here to find out more.

Any who, it was really fun and they are one of the funniest couples ever. I just laugh basically the whole time. Kevin & I chose a Christmas plate that said "Cookies for Santa" because we thought it looked easy, because you just painted in the lines. Plus we don't have too many Christmas decorations. Truth: It is NOT easy.  It takes forever and you have to do 3 layers of the paint. It is super hard to get in between the letters and painting around the ornaments on the tree and whatnot. We ended up having to come back for a 2nd double date for us to finish and the Hess' painted their next ceramics.

It was really fun. I want to go back. Here is the finished product:



Click on this icon:

This is an inspirational blog written by an LDS mom who survived a plane crash. Her husband and her were each burned severely in the crash. They have 4 kids and the kids didn't recognize them after the crash and numerous surgeries, but especially the mother. Over 85% percent of her body was burned. Just an idea if you want to read about the life of an inspiring woman.

Read this if you want to learn about the plane crash, surgeries, trials, all written by a reporter who has done a little documentary on her and her family. It is a good way to catch up.


BYU Baseball Christmas Party

So every fall term right before Christmas, there is an annual Christmas party. The coaches tell everyone to dress up nice (in church clothes and ties) and all of the returning players know you can wear whatever you want. BUT the freshman all come in suits and nice slacks and shirts haha. So this is a picture of some of the team after the party. It is kind of an akward picture considering everyone is doing their own thing and the couch is in there and some people were too lazy to get up for the picture. Anywho, if you find Kevin he is making an obnoxious face!

Here is Kevin giving his 'gag-gift' to freshman who I forgot his name...! But don't worry the season hasn't technically started and I'll know all of their names by March :)

Kevin gave him a couple things. Here is a gingerbread man (with the back saying one of the players last names and baseball number) because apparantly he is always with him and he will miss him during break. SO here he is as a gingerbread man!

Here is Brianne playing doctor to Brandon Relf. Coach Roberts had Brandon Relf. And he got Bri some doctor scrubs and such because Brandon is the one player who has gotten sick and hurt the most recently! Coach Roberts made it sound like Relf was always faking it haha

Brandon Relf got Brandon Michon this year and got him a BYU hat with a mirror taped onto it. Apparantly Brandon Michon (a pitcher) always likes to look behind after every pitch to see his speed of the pitch haha.

Here is Brandon Michon putting this guy on a big leash (with diamonds glued on thanks to his wife Kelly) haha. It was pretty funny but I don't remember the exact story. I also don't know this player yet.

Chris got Kevin a poster from the movie 300. Kevin is obsessed with this movie. And Kevin's face was put on the main guy's face from the 300 movie. You basically have to see the poster! And he sneaked around and put up that poster in our bedroom! Haha. Doesn't really go.

These Baseball parties are hilarious. I laughed so hard. It ended up being like 4 hours!


This Is It: Baseball.

It's Kevin's last year being eligible (4th year) for Baseball. Kevin's Baseball picture for this year got put up on BYUcougars.com and I thought I would put it up along with his last year's one for kicks (considering I didn't have a blog then and it is funny). Kevin, I hope you have the best baseball year at BYU ever. :) I love you.

Kevin Sloan, BYU Baseball 2009-2010.

Kevin Sloan, BYU Baseball 2008-2009.

Some guys on the team who served missions. Don't remember what year this was. I just liked this picture so I threw it up on here.


Do you have room for the Savior?

Katinka forgot how to walk

Love her. Love everything about my puppy Katinkles!!! Watch her back legs. They are hilarious. She kicks out with them because she doesn't know how to walk in them!

Like a month ago, after I bought these adorable booties at Walmart, I put them on her and we went on a walk. She walked just like this the whole time and I was laughing because it was so cute. All of a sudden I heard a hysterical shriek and this lady was laughing at us (in her car next to the sidwalk)! She was super loud!

One time she didn't wear her booties in the snow (I was going to see if she could handle herself since she walks so silly in her booties), and she started crying. The snow was too cold and her paws were freezing!!! She started screaming and looking at me so I had to pick her up and bring her inside! Poor baby!!!


New Calling!

So Kev and I got promoted from Activities Committee to
Bigtime calling- okay not so much but kind of!
Okay so it is definately 'not' a promotion, it is a calling haha. But I like to say that. We plan all of the sweet Ward parties now! I kind of like planning parties. We just need more people to show up. Anywho, we had our first one- the Ward Christmas Party and it went well! We got food from BYU Catering and used Sean McNaughton's chocolate fountain! We had a service auction and I auctioned off free dog-sitting.
A year ago, in our Relief Society, I auctioned off Clogging lessons (my only talent)...and I don't think anyone wanted them haha. A girl said she wanted them and then she won (the only bidder) and then never asked me to do them. It was so sad haha. But a couple has a little Schnauzer and someone wanted my offer! I was happy. So I think that will go through.
I won a free Mexican dinner (from a couple who apparantly cooks Mexican lol) and an awesome crocheted headband made by my friend Kendall Hess! So I'm stoked for that one. Anywho, it was good :)
Here is my artsy chocolate fountain shish-ka-bobb (spelling haha)

This is pretty much the only picture I have other than my chocolate creation! This is the other couple who is on the committee. Christy & Dan Weber! They are super cute and I actually lived with Christy sophomore year for a semester at good ol' King Henry Apartments (not-that place was awful!). So it's fun having them in our ward! I had no idea they were in our Ward until one day in church when we were singing, someone said something like "Ashley" and I turned around and there was Christy!

That's about it. It went well especially for planning it only a few days in advance! We didn't know we were planning it until the Sunday before the event. The party was on a Friday.


A few pictures of the week in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kevin shot a deer. I barely touched it. It made me sad that it was dead. I wanted to pet it. Prettty bird, pretttty bird. But really, it was horrible to see a beautiful creature of God's dead with blood coming out of its mouth! I was really sad. I got over it the next day though, when they said deer are everywhere. Here is David Painter. He is gutting his deer. This is the most explicit picture I have on my blog! I apologize if you are offended ha!!! It is pretty gross but kind of interesting. Suprisingly, I watched. Anywho, David is my brother in law (Tara's hubby). They went hunting a few times and FINALLY each shot a deer. I thought they were not going to get any haha. But of course they did, otherwise they would keep going until they did.
Before the gutting. Kevin was kind of a wimp and let David do all of the gutting. Funny thing is, that this is in Kevin's parents backyard. Just hung up a deer, got a huge light, and went to town. Katinka kept trying to get outside and I did NOT want her to go over to the deer because knowing her curiousity (and she is always cute) she would try to lick the blood or something.
Kevin is the proud shooter of a deer. He looks too happy.
This is a picture when I really bonded with the deer. The deer was laying on its side and the legs were stretched out, and sometimes Katinka does that, and it kind of reminded me of her. Which reminds me, the kids (CJ, Lily, Zach) were in the basement (which was near this explicit scene), and all were pressing their faces up to the window and watching the deers. I don't remember who asked me but one of them asked me why they killed the deer. I said because we need to eat meat or something, lame answer. But dang, what a scene! If I was a little kid I would for sure have a nightmare!!!! I cried when my caterpillar died!
The boys (Kevin & David) played a ping pong game. Whoever lost got to hit a ping pong ball as hard as they wanted and aim where they wanted...with the guys shirt off. David kept missing Kevin so Kevin got like a handfull of hits haha.
And here is David...lol I think Kevin won. I guess Kevin has got to have good aim if he is on the BYU Baseball team.
Miss Lily Painter and Katinka bonded during the vacation. Lily loved to play with Katinka and take her in Kevin's room (where we stayed, obviously and Katinka in her kennel) and then play with her and her toys and feed her treats. Here is Lily throwing Katinka's food around! Katinka always eats like she's never had food before (now she's on a diet lol). They were very cute together! So I think Lily needs a puppy friend :) Haha just kidding Tara.
Kevin LOVES food. Here is he eating a big chunk of turkey on the big Turkey day. Man, the food was SOOOo good! I always love stuffing, jello salad, the rolls, mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy! Well pretty much everything!
So those were a few of the pictures I took over the break...just realized I didn't really take that many at all, especially when other people were taking pictures. All I really got was the deer shenanagins!!! Anyways, Thanksgiving is the best! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all!


My Website!


Definately an assignment for Information Systems 201. :)

Note: It is definately NOT presentable. Many of my files once I posted them to the server changed...the html is correct but not on the web some stuff looks weird. Ex: font sizes are extremely large...just for a few headings... haha. I feel pretty proud. It took me like 10 hours! So many dumb errors when trying to upload it to the web!!!


Thanksgiving Photoshoot.

Yes this was an attempt at the annual family picture :)
Gotta love having tons of kiddos and I guess Kevin could be one of them.
He did something obnoxious so that is why I'm laughing!

Here's more pictures...


Oh Miley.

Saw this video thanks to Anna Sloan (my sister-in-law). It is hilarious. My favorite part is when the 3 guys flip their heads out of the pool and then lift the one guy in the middle. You'll have to watch it to understand :)
Thanks Miley. For making this song.
-Kevin loves it.
-All of Kevin's friends love it...friends from Missouri...BYU Baseball friends...me.

Kevin loved it so much he made it his ring tone. Until it started ringing in the Student Athlete Building (SAB) computer lab and Kev had his headphones on. Everyone was laughing. Kevin didn't even know what was going on. Then one of his buddies on the team told him his ring tone was blaring. Haha. So he changed his ring tone to something else. It was super gay.