SERIOUSLY New Mexico Elizabeth Lambert?!?!

So if you haven't watched this on youtube. Watch it. NOW. I'm blogging about this when I should be studying for my ManEc test. This girl pisses me off. I want to fight her. So watch this please! Ah it makes me so mad. This girl Elizabeth Lambert ONLY got a yellow card. NOT a red card. Are you serious? She should have definately been taken out of the game and supposedly they are reviewing the plays and considering if they should suspend her for next season....DUH. Oh and I don't know any of the players really, although Carlee Payne (I lived with her older sister- Christy) she was punched a few times and that pisses me off. And when Elizabeth pulls on some girls pony tail and gives her whip lash and makes her fly to the ground...wow....AT LEAST WE WON!!! Thank goodness!


And here's another...



  1. haha, ashley you crack me up. You're the best.
    We need to go to zumba together! Love ya

  2. for real! i screamed when i saw her pull the hair! that was ridiculous!