Recommend: IKEA

So Kev & I had a date night...and we went to IKEA! Not Kev's idea of a date but it turned out way fun! I had seen a coupon for a $1 meal and also a cheap tv stand so we headed off to Draper! So we def ate this... by the way if anyone who reads this by Tuesday has an IKEA nearby...this offer's good until Tuesday, so last day Tuesday! And they are Swedish meatballs. IKEA is a Swedish company.
Pretty much they have good prices for contemporary or any style really, furniture or decor. We got a tv mount for ONLY $20! So our flat screen is mounted on the wall! At Walmart the cheapest is like $80! And we took advantage of some other sales as well. But I will put up a picture of our entertainment room later! We are so excited and it was way cheap compared to anywhere else we have looked! $40 for a tv stand (that is also a book stand if you flip it on the side) and $20 for a tv wall mount! So I recommend shopping here if you are tight on a budget!

Oh and they have end tables right now for only $8...and curtains (pair of) for $8 and a rod for $2...so check it out!


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