We went on a double date with Tara & David Painter to New Moon!
I was excited. Tara was excited.
I'm not sure what Kevin thought.
David Painter had read New Moon! Which is pretty big time and Kev & I were impressed and suprised.
I loved New Moon.
I'm not sure if I'm an Edward fan or if, just for this movie, I switched over to Team Jacob.
I think it was better than Twilight the movie.
David & Kev made a joke that Tara was crying when Bella went to Edward at the Volturi and saved him pretty much. I believed she was crying. A few hours later I realized it was a joke. I wanted to ask her how she liked the movie, but I just knew she had to lol
Here's an awesome picture. We were walking by Hot Topic (we saw the movie at the Legends- an outdoor mall), after the movie, and decided to get a picture with our favorite Twilight actors.


  1. haha..LOVE it!

    and for the record...I was so NOT crying! :)


  2. It's okay if you were crying... haha. I hope David likes the rest of the last Twilight book he is reading...by the way lol.