My Obsession: So You Think You Can Dance (Season-5)

So this was one of my all-time favorite seasons of So You Think You Can Dance! I have so many favorite dances and yes ALL of my blog songs are songs from this season... but I am planning on changing it! To mix up the music :) Anywho I love love loved the dancers this season...I loved:
1. Jeanine (and she won the title of America's Favorite Dancer!...and she is the first pic on this post)
Jeanine performing at the final 4 show...this was I think her last solo...this dance was incredible and she did multiple pirouettes in a row and then slowed them down which takes a lot of talent!

2. Kayla- she is from Denver...and represented Colorado extremely well!! She was one of Kevin's favorite dancers...and she had great lines and extensions!!! Here is Kupono & Kayla performing a modern piece to a song from Twilight! It was very Twilight-ish. LOVED it!!!!!!!This was a very popular dance for America. It was titled 'Addiction'. Kupono was the addiction..symbolic of whatever her addiction was or whoever in the audience is or has experienced or has known someone who has an addiction and Kayla is trying to break free of it.

3. Brandon-he was a stud! Kevin loved his solo...it definately had EPIC music. If you've seen it...his tryout solo which sent him straight through to Vegas AND he brought his solo back to the final 4 show! So incredible. Here is a pic of Jeanine & Brandon performing to "Battlefield." I absolutely loved this dance!!!! It is hip hop by the way.
4. Ade- he was incredible! And WAY better than Evan. He had great leaps and extensions! Here is a picture of Melissa & Ade doing the 'Cancer' dance. This dance was amazing!
5. Phillip- He has his own incredible style of hiphop/crump/b boy...so hard to explain! You will have to youtube him! Here is a pic of Jeanine & Phillip posing at the end of one of their hip hop dances...
Jeanine & Phillip performing Russian Folk Dance :) Probably the first and last time So You Think You Can Dance will allow this type of dance on the show...it was super easy and the reason I loved it is because I am a Folk Dancer and can do pretty much all parts of the dance except for the mens (Phillip's) stunts and tricks... Apparantly this was one dance that became a joke the whole season! Sad lol.

...not Evan...sorry Evan lovers out there...I am not a fan of Broadway...and thats all he did...overrated for sure! I think Ade should have taken his spot for the final 4!!! He was not as good as others definately!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Season 6...which is now...I am still not sure how I feel about the dancers. I feel like last season was so much better! We will see! There is a cute ballroom Mormon couple on it and they are married and from Orem! So far they are doing well! And made it into the Top 20!
Sorry if you read this whole thing and don't like dance...or watch this show...but I LOVE it!

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