Katinka's First Airplane Ride!

I was really excited for Katinka to come to Missouri! Haha. We put her in her puppy purse for the airplane ride and while we were in the airport....we couldn't find a hard kennel that would fit the airline regulations. We had to get a health certificate so that the state of Missouri would let her in...and they actually didn't even check it...so much for that vet appointment! Anywho, we taped her health certificate on the outside of the purse and I got all of her toys and put them in her purse. We gave her a little bit of Children's Benedryll to make her sleepy and calm for the flight and she slept the whole time! I was so proud of her! I was kind of nervous because I've heard stories of dogs throwing up or barking the whole plane ride but she was perfect!
Here is a picture of us on the way to the airport...Katinka has no idea what is going on!