Give Thanks.

I thought since Thanksgiving is coming up I would take a moment to think about what I am grateful for and what I have in my life!
1. My family- Kevin & Katinka
2. Family Family (mine & Kev's)
3. Gospel- Scriptures, Latter-day Prophets, the Atonement
4. Education- Brigham Young University
5. Health- I could be healthier...or I would like to be...but I am very healthy and can exercise and carry out the normal activities! I can always eat healthier or exercise more or take more vitamins and get my immune system superb...AND I'm not on the tv show 'Survival of a Half-Ton Teen" lol.
6. Our Wonderful Apartment- it is spacious and perfect and they allow pets! And Katinka is part of our family now!
7. Snow- I love the snow... I'm grateful for it, although we haven't gotten any here yet :'( but I LOVE snow!!!!
8. Our 2 cars- they take us to school and wherever we need! I'm glad that nothing worse than a filter flying off the bottom of the Jeep happened and that it didn't reach more than a few hundred dollars! Problems with transmission usually is way more expensive than what happened with ours!!!
9. Airplanes- if it weren't for airplanes (& cars)...we wouldn't be able to get to see our families or get anywhere very often! It would be so hard to not see family that much like in the olden days...! It was pretty much impossible to get from states to state unless you rode a train or took a handcart! :)
10. Winter clothes- I LOVE winter clothes and love how warm they are! Especially Ugg's! They keep my feet so warm! And they are cute and come in many different colors!
11. Friends- By the way these are in no particular order... but I love my friends! They are so fun and the best!
12. The Internet- I am addicted and how would I do my online banking or check the weather!?! And do my blog and yes facebook!
13. Tivo/DVR- I love watching shows and Kevin loves the rewind part to watch hard hits in football or to rewind some epic battle scenes from war movies!
14. Dance- Dance is the best and it is my minor at BYU! I love dancing and when I graduate I will be able to teach...and have a teaching certificate in World Dance... but will I? Nope haha...pretty sure I never will.
15. Folk Dance- Folk Dance was one of the best parts of BYU and I'm thankful for it and the friends I have met through it! Plus I love performing at Christmas Around the World!
16. Gold's Gym- I love working out (now that I quit the Folk Dance team)... I especially like Turbo Kickboxing, Power Pump, Cycle, Yoga, Step, & Zumba! Haha.
17. Food- Obviously food is essential to live and I love eating!
18. My bed- I love sleeping...probably a little bit too much. It's comfy! And in the morning I usually get Katinka out of her kennel and she snuggles with me! She's good at it!
19. Coupons/Deals/Free stuff- I love free stuff and am known to go places where they are giving out for instance free Chik-fil-A chicken sandwiches....and I love using the Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons! AND they save money!
20. Business- If it weren't for business, what job would my dad have? How would we be able to come to BYU? How would I have my major haha...I have no idea!

That is all for now! Most of those were pretty silly but whatever, that's what I thought of!

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