Dad & Patrick in town!

Patrick was going on college visits and it was time to check out BYU. Dad and Patrick flew in on a Wednesday and left on a Sunday! We had a crazy few days with them going NONSTOP to places on campus such as meeting with counselors and advisors to colleges (Business & Visual Arts- for Graphic Design), eating at a bunch of awesome places, and so much more!
  • Business Idea Pitch Competition- Went to it at BYU and saw 4 potential companies pitch their companies idea and try to convince prospective investors to invest in them as well as win the Business Competition so they can fund and grow their ideas into businesses. There was one company that I really liked it was a water bag company that would sell packages of fresh, pure, clean water to developing countries in Africa. They would sell this at the price of the local dirty, contaminated water. The people in those countries have to pay a $1 for brand named water such as Dasani. Barely any can even afford it. I wanna say like 5% of the population can and everyone has to buy dirty brown water for 10 cents. So I think this is an awesome idea for a company that makes a difference!
  • In-n-Out- So In-N-Out is officially in Orem. It is off University Ave or Parkway...kind of by the University mall! The restaurant opened at 9 am on a Thursday and we were there at 8:30 am. Patrick had to eat there right at first haha. So we waited in a line of 20-30 cars and it actually went a lot faster than I thought it would. Everyone was super pumped to eat there and the workers were super friendly and excited. So yeah we ate at In-n-out at 9 am and that was our breakfast!
  • Rumbi-here is Patrick & I at a Rumbi.
  • PizzaPieCafe- Apparantly this place is JUST like a place called 'Craigo's" in Rexburg, Idaho...it is just like it sounds- Pizza Pie Cafe...you take as much pizza you want and they have a lot of dessert pizzas. I had an Oreo dessert pizza and a cookie dough dessert pizza! Suprisingly I liked the cookie dough one haha. Then there were the original peach, apple, raspberry dessert pizzas!
  • BYU Football vs. Air Force- This game was awesome! We got on the field before the game and watched the team practice and saw the pre-game show with the band and flag girls...haha. Here are some pictures!

Dad, me, & Patrick

Me & Patrick

Just a close up of the players

LaVell Edwards Stadium

So this picture is for my friends who quit Folk Dance haha. I think it would be HILARIOUS to just randomly try out FOR FUN to be a flag girl. Why not? Haha it would be fun. Until Abbey or someone made the team...lol.

The players getting ready to run out on the field! If you look closely you can see Bronco Mendenhall in front of the flag!

Just an action shot! AND YES we won! :)

So it was a fun time...oh and we watched The Proposal and it was hilarious! I recommend it!!!

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