Cel's Birthday Party!

So Cel had a dessert party at Arlington (where all of the ladies live) and it was so good to see my friends again! Well everytime is good, just because I don't see them as much because they aren't my room mates anymore! But Cel is my favorite and I was not going to miss this!
Camille Gardner (left), Brady Baccocio (above), me, Celestine Yeung (right- BDAY GIRL! She looks soooo happy haha!)- We are doing a Charlies Angels pose...+1 girl!

So here is a group of the ladies :) -Camille Gardner, me, Chantell Perry, Brady Baccocio, Kiana Rogers, Celestine Yeung, Irene Yeung, & Ava Jackman
Sarge (real name is Albert and a last name I don't know how to spell--he's from Armenia & a freshman friend), Celestine Yeung, me.

Rhyan Atrice, Chantell Perry, Brady Baccocio, me, Albert (Sarge), & Kayla McColm (Kayla is in 2 of my classes right now! New Testament & Information Systems-also a Business major!)
Brady Baccocio, Kayla McColm, me- LOVE THEM!
So we all gathered in the garage for a suprise and Cel had no idea of what was going on- the funniest thing in the world then happened. So Camille and the girls made a HUGE cake...and here is Cel like smiling wondering what the heck was going on...

then Camille turned on a song and then Erik Mayer (freshman friend) popped out of the cake and did a little dance! Which was hilarious. I'm not sure if this was the Erik Mayer that I remembered from freshman year. I thought he was a little shy but I guess on his mission (which he just got off a little before school started) he got more outgoing...so this was hilarious to see! So yes very funny and probably the funniest thing I saw all weekend!
Here is Erik Mayer (the famous one now) and me...OH and yes he is a volleyball player for BYU and thats why he is so tall! Haha.

Jana Beck, Alexandra Sullivan, me, & Brittany Watkins!

So it was a fun night and they had good desserts! I was sad Shayla wasn't there, she was golfing in Hawaii. So she had to miss out! Anywho- I brought a plate home of desserts for Kevin (he was studying and he knew I wouldn't just stay for 20 minutes like I usually think I will) because he didnt come! I think Cel had a good birthday and we all had fun! I HEART YOU CEL! You need to make a blog!

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