BYU Women's Volleyball vs. Utah

Kev & I went to the volleyball game and met up with a bunch of his friends. His good friend Johnny Neeley married a Utah volleyball player, Stephanie. Last year they were dating and we all drove down to Salt Lake to watch them play! So both years BYU lost...oh well! It's weird haha wanting them both to win...but whatevs! Here is a pic of Kev & I having some good times at the volleyball game!
Kev has a blackeye if you look at his left eye! Got it from baseball of course! Poor eye.

Incase you don't know that Kevin doesn't always LOVE to do photoshoots- I had to make this pose up because he wasn't feeling the photoshoot haha. So were sleeping!

I think we watched FlashForward after this. Well I should STOP procrastinating right now and study Business Law. Got a test to take...like way soon....and can't study! Too boring and too hard! If you have any questions on contract law ask! So yep...that is all with my post for now and I have to go take a test...if I never blog again...I died in the testing center...

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