We went on a double date with Tara & David Painter to New Moon!
I was excited. Tara was excited.
I'm not sure what Kevin thought.
David Painter had read New Moon! Which is pretty big time and Kev & I were impressed and suprised.
I loved New Moon.
I'm not sure if I'm an Edward fan or if, just for this movie, I switched over to Team Jacob.
I think it was better than Twilight the movie.
David & Kev made a joke that Tara was crying when Bella went to Edward at the Volturi and saved him pretty much. I believed she was crying. A few hours later I realized it was a joke. I wanted to ask her how she liked the movie, but I just knew she had to lol
Here's an awesome picture. We were walking by Hot Topic (we saw the movie at the Legends- an outdoor mall), after the movie, and decided to get a picture with our favorite Twilight actors.


Katinka's First Airplane Ride!

I was really excited for Katinka to come to Missouri! Haha. We put her in her puppy purse for the airplane ride and while we were in the airport....we couldn't find a hard kennel that would fit the airline regulations. We had to get a health certificate so that the state of Missouri would let her in...and they actually didn't even check it...so much for that vet appointment! Anywho, we taped her health certificate on the outside of the purse and I got all of her toys and put them in her purse. We gave her a little bit of Children's Benedryll to make her sleepy and calm for the flight and she slept the whole time! I was so proud of her! I was kind of nervous because I've heard stories of dogs throwing up or barking the whole plane ride but she was perfect!
Here is a picture of us on the way to the airport...Katinka has no idea what is going on!

Dad & Patrick in town!

Patrick was going on college visits and it was time to check out BYU. Dad and Patrick flew in on a Wednesday and left on a Sunday! We had a crazy few days with them going NONSTOP to places on campus such as meeting with counselors and advisors to colleges (Business & Visual Arts- for Graphic Design), eating at a bunch of awesome places, and so much more!
  • Business Idea Pitch Competition- Went to it at BYU and saw 4 potential companies pitch their companies idea and try to convince prospective investors to invest in them as well as win the Business Competition so they can fund and grow their ideas into businesses. There was one company that I really liked it was a water bag company that would sell packages of fresh, pure, clean water to developing countries in Africa. They would sell this at the price of the local dirty, contaminated water. The people in those countries have to pay a $1 for brand named water such as Dasani. Barely any can even afford it. I wanna say like 5% of the population can and everyone has to buy dirty brown water for 10 cents. So I think this is an awesome idea for a company that makes a difference!
  • In-n-Out- So In-N-Out is officially in Orem. It is off University Ave or Parkway...kind of by the University mall! The restaurant opened at 9 am on a Thursday and we were there at 8:30 am. Patrick had to eat there right at first haha. So we waited in a line of 20-30 cars and it actually went a lot faster than I thought it would. Everyone was super pumped to eat there and the workers were super friendly and excited. So yeah we ate at In-n-out at 9 am and that was our breakfast!
  • Rumbi-here is Patrick & I at a Rumbi.
  • PizzaPieCafe- Apparantly this place is JUST like a place called 'Craigo's" in Rexburg, Idaho...it is just like it sounds- Pizza Pie Cafe...you take as much pizza you want and they have a lot of dessert pizzas. I had an Oreo dessert pizza and a cookie dough dessert pizza! Suprisingly I liked the cookie dough one haha. Then there were the original peach, apple, raspberry dessert pizzas!
  • BYU Football vs. Air Force- This game was awesome! We got on the field before the game and watched the team practice and saw the pre-game show with the band and flag girls...haha. Here are some pictures!

Dad, me, & Patrick

Me & Patrick

Just a close up of the players

LaVell Edwards Stadium

So this picture is for my friends who quit Folk Dance haha. I think it would be HILARIOUS to just randomly try out FOR FUN to be a flag girl. Why not? Haha it would be fun. Until Abbey or someone made the team...lol.

The players getting ready to run out on the field! If you look closely you can see Bronco Mendenhall in front of the flag!

Just an action shot! AND YES we won! :)

So it was a fun time...oh and we watched The Proposal and it was hilarious! I recommend it!!!

Kodak Moment by Katinka

Hot Laptop that overheats= Katinka's favorite place to take a nap
She noticed we were taking pictures of her :) But she loves to sunbathe and
find warm areas to sleep or lay in front of...


Give Thanks.

I thought since Thanksgiving is coming up I would take a moment to think about what I am grateful for and what I have in my life!
1. My family- Kevin & Katinka
2. Family Family (mine & Kev's)
3. Gospel- Scriptures, Latter-day Prophets, the Atonement
4. Education- Brigham Young University
5. Health- I could be healthier...or I would like to be...but I am very healthy and can exercise and carry out the normal activities! I can always eat healthier or exercise more or take more vitamins and get my immune system superb...AND I'm not on the tv show 'Survival of a Half-Ton Teen" lol.
6. Our Wonderful Apartment- it is spacious and perfect and they allow pets! And Katinka is part of our family now!
7. Snow- I love the snow... I'm grateful for it, although we haven't gotten any here yet :'( but I LOVE snow!!!!
8. Our 2 cars- they take us to school and wherever we need! I'm glad that nothing worse than a filter flying off the bottom of the Jeep happened and that it didn't reach more than a few hundred dollars! Problems with transmission usually is way more expensive than what happened with ours!!!
9. Airplanes- if it weren't for airplanes (& cars)...we wouldn't be able to get to see our families or get anywhere very often! It would be so hard to not see family that much like in the olden days...! It was pretty much impossible to get from states to state unless you rode a train or took a handcart! :)
10. Winter clothes- I LOVE winter clothes and love how warm they are! Especially Ugg's! They keep my feet so warm! And they are cute and come in many different colors!
11. Friends- By the way these are in no particular order... but I love my friends! They are so fun and the best!
12. The Internet- I am addicted and how would I do my online banking or check the weather!?! And do my blog and yes facebook!
13. Tivo/DVR- I love watching shows and Kevin loves the rewind part to watch hard hits in football or to rewind some epic battle scenes from war movies!
14. Dance- Dance is the best and it is my minor at BYU! I love dancing and when I graduate I will be able to teach...and have a teaching certificate in World Dance... but will I? Nope haha...pretty sure I never will.
15. Folk Dance- Folk Dance was one of the best parts of BYU and I'm thankful for it and the friends I have met through it! Plus I love performing at Christmas Around the World!
16. Gold's Gym- I love working out (now that I quit the Folk Dance team)... I especially like Turbo Kickboxing, Power Pump, Cycle, Yoga, Step, & Zumba! Haha.
17. Food- Obviously food is essential to live and I love eating!
18. My bed- I love sleeping...probably a little bit too much. It's comfy! And in the morning I usually get Katinka out of her kennel and she snuggles with me! She's good at it!
19. Coupons/Deals/Free stuff- I love free stuff and am known to go places where they are giving out for instance free Chik-fil-A chicken sandwiches....and I love using the Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons! AND they save money!
20. Business- If it weren't for business, what job would my dad have? How would we be able to come to BYU? How would I have my major haha...I have no idea!

That is all for now! Most of those were pretty silly but whatever, that's what I thought of!

My Obsession: So You Think You Can Dance (Season-5)

So this was one of my all-time favorite seasons of So You Think You Can Dance! I have so many favorite dances and yes ALL of my blog songs are songs from this season... but I am planning on changing it! To mix up the music :) Anywho I love love loved the dancers this season...I loved:
1. Jeanine (and she won the title of America's Favorite Dancer!...and she is the first pic on this post)
Jeanine performing at the final 4 show...this was I think her last solo...this dance was incredible and she did multiple pirouettes in a row and then slowed them down which takes a lot of talent!

2. Kayla- she is from Denver...and represented Colorado extremely well!! She was one of Kevin's favorite dancers...and she had great lines and extensions!!! Here is Kupono & Kayla performing a modern piece to a song from Twilight! It was very Twilight-ish. LOVED it!!!!!!!This was a very popular dance for America. It was titled 'Addiction'. Kupono was the addiction..symbolic of whatever her addiction was or whoever in the audience is or has experienced or has known someone who has an addiction and Kayla is trying to break free of it.

3. Brandon-he was a stud! Kevin loved his solo...it definately had EPIC music. If you've seen it...his tryout solo which sent him straight through to Vegas AND he brought his solo back to the final 4 show! So incredible. Here is a pic of Jeanine & Brandon performing to "Battlefield." I absolutely loved this dance!!!! It is hip hop by the way.
4. Ade- he was incredible! And WAY better than Evan. He had great leaps and extensions! Here is a picture of Melissa & Ade doing the 'Cancer' dance. This dance was amazing!
5. Phillip- He has his own incredible style of hiphop/crump/b boy...so hard to explain! You will have to youtube him! Here is a pic of Jeanine & Phillip posing at the end of one of their hip hop dances...
Jeanine & Phillip performing Russian Folk Dance :) Probably the first and last time So You Think You Can Dance will allow this type of dance on the show...it was super easy and the reason I loved it is because I am a Folk Dancer and can do pretty much all parts of the dance except for the mens (Phillip's) stunts and tricks... Apparantly this was one dance that became a joke the whole season! Sad lol.

...not Evan...sorry Evan lovers out there...I am not a fan of Broadway...and thats all he did...overrated for sure! I think Ade should have taken his spot for the final 4!!! He was not as good as others definately!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Season 6...which is now...I am still not sure how I feel about the dancers. I feel like last season was so much better! We will see! There is a cute ballroom Mormon couple on it and they are married and from Orem! So far they are doing well! And made it into the Top 20!
Sorry if you read this whole thing and don't like dance...or watch this show...but I LOVE it!


I got a gym pass!

So I got a gym pass about a month ago and am loving it so far! So far I've gone 5 times every week and I love all of the classes! I did my research and tried out all of the gyms and found out the best gym for me.

24 Hour Fitness-I got a week pass here and liked it a lot. I went to a Pilates class, Hip Hop Hustle class, Cycling, and Power Pump (lifting class). It was nice and not very crowded which was good. However there is only 1 location in the area and they barely have any class times (which I love going to). AND I know like 2 people who have memberships there.
Gold's Gym- WINNER! I got a pass here and I LOVE IT. I have gone to Yoga, Turbo Kickboxing (which is one of my favorites), Intro to Cycling, Cycling, Power Pump (lifting class), and Zumba.

I know a lot more people who go there (over 15) and recently I've gone a lot with Camri and sometimes Amanda! So it has been fun. Whenever Camri & I workout, we have puppy play dates. She has a little white fluffy dog named Marley and Katinka & Marley play either at my condo or hers and it is hilarious. When she asks Marley if she wants to play with Katinka, her ears perk up and she starts jumping around-- Katinka is not like that haha. She doesn't know her friends names. Oh well! It is very cute though.
AND I brought in a coupon so that when I got a membership we got free tickets to the Utah Jazz game. We haven't gone yet but we can go anytime this month or the next! So that is always sweet.

If anyone ever wants to go let me know! I go almost every day!

Recommend: IKEA

So Kev & I had a date night...and we went to IKEA! Not Kev's idea of a date but it turned out way fun! I had seen a coupon for a $1 meal and also a cheap tv stand so we headed off to Draper! So we def ate this... by the way if anyone who reads this by Tuesday has an IKEA nearby...this offer's good until Tuesday, so last day Tuesday! And they are Swedish meatballs. IKEA is a Swedish company.
Pretty much they have good prices for contemporary or any style really, furniture or decor. We got a tv mount for ONLY $20! So our flat screen is mounted on the wall! At Walmart the cheapest is like $80! And we took advantage of some other sales as well. But I will put up a picture of our entertainment room later! We are so excited and it was way cheap compared to anywhere else we have looked! $40 for a tv stand (that is also a book stand if you flip it on the side) and $20 for a tv wall mount! So I recommend shopping here if you are tight on a budget!

Oh and they have end tables right now for only $8...and curtains (pair of) for $8 and a rod for $2...so check it out!



Cel's Birthday Party!

So Cel had a dessert party at Arlington (where all of the ladies live) and it was so good to see my friends again! Well everytime is good, just because I don't see them as much because they aren't my room mates anymore! But Cel is my favorite and I was not going to miss this!
Camille Gardner (left), Brady Baccocio (above), me, Celestine Yeung (right- BDAY GIRL! She looks soooo happy haha!)- We are doing a Charlies Angels pose...+1 girl!

So here is a group of the ladies :) -Camille Gardner, me, Chantell Perry, Brady Baccocio, Kiana Rogers, Celestine Yeung, Irene Yeung, & Ava Jackman
Sarge (real name is Albert and a last name I don't know how to spell--he's from Armenia & a freshman friend), Celestine Yeung, me.

Rhyan Atrice, Chantell Perry, Brady Baccocio, me, Albert (Sarge), & Kayla McColm (Kayla is in 2 of my classes right now! New Testament & Information Systems-also a Business major!)
Brady Baccocio, Kayla McColm, me- LOVE THEM!
So we all gathered in the garage for a suprise and Cel had no idea of what was going on- the funniest thing in the world then happened. So Camille and the girls made a HUGE cake...and here is Cel like smiling wondering what the heck was going on...

then Camille turned on a song and then Erik Mayer (freshman friend) popped out of the cake and did a little dance! Which was hilarious. I'm not sure if this was the Erik Mayer that I remembered from freshman year. I thought he was a little shy but I guess on his mission (which he just got off a little before school started) he got more outgoing...so this was hilarious to see! So yes very funny and probably the funniest thing I saw all weekend!
Here is Erik Mayer (the famous one now) and me...OH and yes he is a volleyball player for BYU and thats why he is so tall! Haha.

Jana Beck, Alexandra Sullivan, me, & Brittany Watkins!

So it was a fun night and they had good desserts! I was sad Shayla wasn't there, she was golfing in Hawaii. So she had to miss out! Anywho- I brought a plate home of desserts for Kevin (he was studying and he knew I wouldn't just stay for 20 minutes like I usually think I will) because he didnt come! I think Cel had a good birthday and we all had fun! I HEART YOU CEL! You need to make a blog!

BYU Football vs. TCU

So another letdown. But I have some sweet pictures. I don't feel like talking about the game because well, it didn't go well haha. Kev, me, and Ben & Amanda painted our faces because we were HARDCORE fans before the game went downhill. I know thats lame but hey I lost faith in them haha.

I think Kevin loves this pic of himself- so here it is! That's all. Only one more home game!!! Sad! They are pretty fun...more so when we are winning.

SERIOUSLY New Mexico Elizabeth Lambert?!?!

So if you haven't watched this on youtube. Watch it. NOW. I'm blogging about this when I should be studying for my ManEc test. This girl pisses me off. I want to fight her. So watch this please! Ah it makes me so mad. This girl Elizabeth Lambert ONLY got a yellow card. NOT a red card. Are you serious? She should have definately been taken out of the game and supposedly they are reviewing the plays and considering if they should suspend her for next season....DUH. Oh and I don't know any of the players really, although Carlee Payne (I lived with her older sister- Christy) she was punched a few times and that pisses me off. And when Elizabeth pulls on some girls pony tail and gives her whip lash and makes her fly to the ground...wow....AT LEAST WE WON!!! Thank goodness!


And here's another...



BYU Women's Volleyball vs. Utah

Kev & I went to the volleyball game and met up with a bunch of his friends. His good friend Johnny Neeley married a Utah volleyball player, Stephanie. Last year they were dating and we all drove down to Salt Lake to watch them play! So both years BYU lost...oh well! It's weird haha wanting them both to win...but whatevs! Here is a pic of Kev & I having some good times at the volleyball game!
Kev has a blackeye if you look at his left eye! Got it from baseball of course! Poor eye.

Incase you don't know that Kevin doesn't always LOVE to do photoshoots- I had to make this pose up because he wasn't feeling the photoshoot haha. So were sleeping!

I think we watched FlashForward after this. Well I should STOP procrastinating right now and study Business Law. Got a test to take...like way soon....and can't study! Too boring and too hard! If you have any questions on contract law ask! So yep...that is all with my post for now and I have to go take a test...if I never blog again...I died in the testing center...