Who wants to build this? :)

So it is funny that this is my blog post for the evening of General Conference Weekend. I am not trying to be materialistic but I have been wanting to post about dream bathrooms and houses for awhile but forgot about it, until now...while Kevin is at the Priesthood session of General Conference. So apologize this is not a spiritual post! Ha!
Kevin found this group of pictures randomly while he was just opening up the internet and on the msn homepage there was an article on bathrooms of the future.
Basically if I had a sweet spa in my home, it would be money. (as Kevin says as in 'tight'). So who wants to build one of these for me? Hehe just kidding. But I LOVE spas....facials....massages....hot tubs....saunas....why not have one in the home? Anywho...someday haha. Well see!

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