Someday I will get a professional camera!

Katinka- before her photoshoot
Okay, I don't even know what a professional camera is but in my definition it is:

Professional Camera (Pro-fesh-een-al Cam-er-ah)-

a. legit. b. has a sweet zoom. c. can take action shots very well.
d. big and needs a sweet case to put it in.
So I was trying to be artsy at the Provo canyon at Vivian Park. I actually didn't drive up here intentionally to be an aspiring photographer. My subject just came into my frame and posed. And her name is Katinka. So here is my best attempt of an artsy shot of my baby girl sunbathin' on the traintracks! (Kev, Kathy, & Greg were all fishing) I was puppysitting! So enjoy. Just kidding, it's not that good. But I think it's cute :)
This is probably my best pic. Not exactly sure. But the lines and the focus I think are good? Amanda? Let me know! Lol.

And here is Katinka's headshot. If only the shadow wasn't there! Oh well I'm not that good.


  1. dude! It's legit!! You are totally pro!
    Ps- Lets have an office party! I LOVE that show.

  2. Ashley! I love your Katinka! These shots are great!! You are professional my dear! Her sunbathing on the tracks is adorable! haha!