Kevin's New Hobby

...Flyfishing! Thank goodness Kevin loves it because he wouldn't be a legit son-in-law if he didn't! Haha just kidding, but not really. My dad got him a sweet flyrod for his birthday a year ago. I guess he was hoping he would flyfish because that is one of my dad's favorite things to do. Finally he got a chance to flyfish and learn a little about the river's ways. Where to cast the fly, what types of flies to use, and what type of flies, waders, reels, rods, brands, extc are good. Apparantly Simm's waders are the BEST. So here is a pic of Kevin fly fishing at the Provo River. The in-laws (Greg & Kathy) were actually in town and they wanted to flyfish as well so we all went up to Vivian Park and it was gorgeous up there!

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