Katinka's Friend

So I was on a walk with Katinka...walks are really relaxing by the way! And this is the second time I have seen this cat....the last time I tried to get Katinka to run up to it and the cat was so stiff and sneaky that Katinka didn't even notice her sitting there. I guess it is someones cat who lives here at The Oakhurst...but it is always out and about. So I had Katinka run to the cat and the cat ran away and jumped up on the side of the clubhouse....it was hilarious. Katinka was barking and wagging her tail and the cat twice her size was freaked out!
Katinka is just trying so hard to make friends!!! Poor girl. The cat did not want to play...! This is another reasons dogs>cats!
Not going to lie, I was a little afraid that the cat would maul Katinka...but then again it's not in the jungle of Jamaica. On our honeymoon Kev & I went on a jungle zip line course. There were like 10 cats just chillin in the forest and I wanted to play with one! So I grabbed a cute one and then it mauled me and scratched me and kind of gave me a rash. A guy in our group apparantly got it on his videocamera...not realizing I would be attacked! Ha. This cat was DEF too scared to do that, so it was all good!

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