Katinka can't have babies.

So Katinka got spayed. Sadly, I took away her ability to produce little adorable puppies. But I did decrease her chances greatly, of having womanly cancers...I thought she was going to be a little drama girl when I picked her up at the Banfield Pet Hospital. She was sooo stinkin cute and had stitches up her belly and a little bandage where they shaved her arm and put an IV in. Any who, she did great and ran around like a crazy woman.
She loves to lick and she was licking her wound a lot so I had to get her a 'cone of shame!' (I guess this is from the children's movie, "Up"-which I never saw). She kind of licked some of her stitches semi-out...but after having the vet look at it, it would be okay! They will just disintegrate. It was so pathetic and she looked hilarious but really really sad! Here she is trying to deal with not being able to touch anything. She also kept running into things because her 'head' was wider than she thought!
Look at how pathetic she looks! This was right after I got her home. She was out of it! And she had a little "cast" on her right paw because they shaved her hair and put an IV in it during the surgery. If you look closely you can see her scar/stitches on her stomach where they went in!
Poor baby girl! I LOVE HER!

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