In-laws in town!

So I don't have all of the pictures of this vacation for Kev's parents. But I have a few from this weekend! Kev's parents came in town Thursday night and we had a fun-filled weekend packed with tons of stuff to do! Some of the things we did were: watch Kevin's baseball practices, go to the BYU football game, fish in Provo canyon and hangout on the railroad tracks, shop at Costco and the BYU Bookstore, attended the temple, and Kevin playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64 with his freshmen buddies... here are some pictures!
Greg & Kathy had never met Katinka before- so it was very exciting! Kathy got Katinka a super cute present from this awesome dog store in Kansas City! Here is Katinka opening her present!!!Katinka's new favorite toy! Designer fluffy cheetah squeeky bone! She is obsessed!

Super cute dog treats that she also got from Grandmamma Sloan! They look so good that we all wanted to eat them haha!

Kev doing a usual face for him lol & me at the BYU vs. CSU game! To the right is Kev's dad, Greg, & mom, Kathy! We should have got a group picture!

THANK GOODNESS BYU beat CSU! Ahh I would have died if we had lost. Everyone I know goes to CSU basically (from back home- high school friends) and we had to win so I could give them crap about it haha! Plus BYU is much better than CSU. Obviously. Scoreboard says it all!

Here is the fab 4...Kevin, Andrew, Bryce, & Aaron! And I forgot to say there "dewskies" (between Kev & Andrew). They are OBSESSED with Smash Brothers and all have their own characters that they are loyal to and always choose. I think Kevin is Kirby. One time sophomore year at Carriage Cove (this is when I first knew them) Kevin supposedly lost an epic battle of Smash and then punched through a wall at the apartment...so this is kind of a big deal to them...hilarious.

And we did go up to Provo canyon and walked around and flyfished and those pics are in a diff post! But I need to update those pictures because I don't have that many of those! So this was a little bit of the weekend :) It was super fun!