Halloween Time

So I LOVE Fall. And holidays. And decorating wherever I live with seasonal decor. My sophomore year my dad came to visit around Halloween time and got me some Halloween decorations. It was awesome. That was when I lived in King Henry and Kevin and I were first hanging out. So pretty much I have more Halloween decorations then all Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day...decorations combined.
So Kev and I had FHE (family home evening). Had a lesson and then decorated our apartment with super GHOUL Halloween decorations! Couldn't convince Kev to get in any pictures so here is a little look in our festive apartment... Sorry I am in these but you can kind of tell... :)
I hung up the sweet black spider!!! Halloween pumpkin lights around our mirror. Football pumpkin & light up pumpkin by the tv.

After Katinka got her spay checkup (to see how she was healing), we wandered over to the dog costumes and tried some on for fun. I would like to buy her a super cute one but they are not worth $20! Sadly haha...but luckily I had my camera on me and took a few pics. I think she would be a good pumpkin! :)


  1. you guys are so cute...halloween decor and FHE!! :)

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!! only 20 more days or so right?! :)