Girls Night & Henna.

(Camille Gardner, Ava Jackman, Chantell Perry, Celestine Yeung, me, Brady Baccocio, Shayla Forsey, & weird random guy who got in our pic)
Shayla if she had my hair...or if she goes brunette! I think she could pull it off!
In Ava's car- on the way to the grocery store to get lime/lemon juice
(so that our henna will stay on longer)
Ava's car- just chillin And I didn't get any pics of the henna. But we got some sweet henna tatts. Temporary of course! The reason we did the henna or even thought of it was because Ava, Camille, and Nikki went to India through a charity called the Rising Star. They did charity work in India for a few months! And Nikki is still there! Anywho, they brought back some henna ink and we all wanted to be like the Indians. I wanted to put a red dot on my forehead but didn't. We all did them to ourselves. Brady & I did ours and then I had to go home bc it was 1 am in the morning on the Sabbath! But it was a fun night! Miss those girls so much! Need to hangout more okay?!?!

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