Date Night

So I planned a date night for Kev & I! :)
We ate at Red Robin...and me being a super thrifty girl got a coupon for $5 off! So that is why I picked Red Robin! Um that place is amazing. I forgot how good it was! It has been awhile since I have been there! We had amazing spinach/artichoke dip for an appetizer and then of course had burgers...I tried a really random one! It is hamburger, like some meaty sauce, cheese sticks, and I have no idea what else. It was surprisingly good and Kev & and the waitress convinced me to try it! It is a new special hamburger or something.
Kevin always wanted to get me a red pea coat...so while I was out and about I justified
a purchase and knew he would approve. Plus it is getting cold outside! So here is
my pea coat...love it!
 (and the chick to the left- some randoms dressed like this so I don't know them haha)
Here is us waiting to be seated at Red Robin! Oh and I saw a girl in my ManEc class here! Red Robin is a happening place with their deals and promotions going on right here!
After Red Robin, we were going to go to Color Me Mine. It is a place where you paint pottery-bowls, cups, plates, and random stuff. Apparently it is a popular date spot, and neither Kev or I have been there! We kind of ran out of time so we decided to watch a new show that I LUCKILY tivoed...because this show is AMAZING!!!
So it is FlashForward! Thankfully Aaron Powell told Kev that the show was tight and I tivoed every episode. We watched 3 episodes that night (all an hour long) and after that we were HOOKED! So now every Thursday night it is on and it is epic. It is a thinking type of show, which I love, because you have no idea what is going on or what will happen! The makers of Lost made it...and I LOVE Lost!!!!! Any who, I recommend it.
SO our date was pretty good! I love Kevo!

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  1. ohh, I love that red pea coat! Of course you look smashing in everything my dear...but red could be your color!! :)