BYU Football vs. Florida State

Yeah we are COUGARS!
This game was supposed to be the best game ever. BYU was supposed to keep their amazing top 10 ranking...but this didn't happen. So we started the day off with a sweet BYU Baseball tailgate party at the Baseball field (good thing it is so close to the football field!). We had hotdogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, pop, and more and all compliments of Costco! Ha. We pretty much devoted our day to this game. We were all pumped and ready for some domination. Ben & Amanda (who he have season tix with) and the whole baseball team was at the tailgate.
Here is a pic of Amanda, Whitney (dating Blake Torgey), & me. STOKED for the game where we were supposed to win!
We still believed in the Cougars right around here...not for much longer though!
And after this it went downhill.
Seriously BYU? No idea what happened.
Oh well. Nothing we could do! So we left 10 minutes early in the 4th quarter and ran to our cars. Then we (Castleberry's) & us ate at Happy Sumo! That place is bomb! I do not get the sushi but they have other great entrees. Kevin LOVES sushi so we go there kind of often if it is a date night. What is funny, well not funny, but when BYU wins (like when they beat Oklahoma and hurt Sam Bradford) life was INCREDIBLE and when they lose...it sucks haha. Kind of true and pathetic but hey we need the wins! Haha. Better luck next time Cougars.

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