BYU Baseball Alumni Game

So it was Kevin's birthday (Sept. 18) and of course there was a BYU Baseball Alumni Golf Tourney all day and Alumni Baseball game! So pretty much Kev's bday was packed with Baseball-esque stuff and not enough time to celebrate his birth...day!
Here is me and Kaycie at the game- I was actually pretty sick but got ready enough to get to the gameKaycie & I...too bad I'm not dancing w/her this semester :(Basically Kevin dominated...he played 3rd base.......and did amazing. And I missed it. But everyone was real proud of him! I'm so mad I missed it. I felt so bad. But I was sick. Kevin's the BEST!!!!


  1. Sweet! (his game)...and I hope you are feeling better! :)

    Mom showed me pics of katinka's outfits...TOO cute ashley!!

  2. fun time! and yeah...i miss dancing with you!