Bring on Winter!

I love winter. More than summer. I love layers. Layers of clothing. It's so much easier to dress cuter in the winter. Cute pea coats and boots...and different colors of them all. And scarves and hats and gloves... So pretty much winter is the best. I got Katinka a winter coat and little matching booties so when we go on walks she will not be shivering and freezing! Sometimes we will come back from walks and she is completely soaking- like her paws and belly. So this should help! I'm not sure I'm keeping the booties- I'm waiting to try them out in the snow/rain and if she can handle them, I will keep them! Thanks to Walmart...! Shocking! Anywho here she is.
OH! The first time we went on a walk there was a lady sitting in her car (in the parking lot, in our apartment complex) and she saw Katinka...and she started laughing hysterically, shriekingly. It was obnoxious and I was laughing. And Katinka was such a little Paris Hilton dog but adorable! So yes, very funny! Here she is trying to take off her booties!
Katinka has style, thats for sure!

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