Girls Night & Henna.

(Camille Gardner, Ava Jackman, Chantell Perry, Celestine Yeung, me, Brady Baccocio, Shayla Forsey, & weird random guy who got in our pic)
Shayla if she had my hair...or if she goes brunette! I think she could pull it off!
In Ava's car- on the way to the grocery store to get lime/lemon juice
(so that our henna will stay on longer)
Ava's car- just chillin And I didn't get any pics of the henna. But we got some sweet henna tatts. Temporary of course! The reason we did the henna or even thought of it was because Ava, Camille, and Nikki went to India through a charity called the Rising Star. They did charity work in India for a few months! And Nikki is still there! Anywho, they brought back some henna ink and we all wanted to be like the Indians. I wanted to put a red dot on my forehead but didn't. We all did them to ourselves. Brady & I did ours and then I had to go home bc it was 1 am in the morning on the Sabbath! But it was a fun night! Miss those girls so much! Need to hangout more okay?!?!

Bring on Winter!

I love winter. More than summer. I love layers. Layers of clothing. It's so much easier to dress cuter in the winter. Cute pea coats and boots...and different colors of them all. And scarves and hats and gloves... So pretty much winter is the best. I got Katinka a winter coat and little matching booties so when we go on walks she will not be shivering and freezing! Sometimes we will come back from walks and she is completely soaking- like her paws and belly. So this should help! I'm not sure I'm keeping the booties- I'm waiting to try them out in the snow/rain and if she can handle them, I will keep them! Thanks to Walmart...! Shocking! Anywho here she is.
OH! The first time we went on a walk there was a lady sitting in her car (in the parking lot, in our apartment complex) and she saw Katinka...and she started laughing hysterically, shriekingly. It was obnoxious and I was laughing. And Katinka was such a little Paris Hilton dog but adorable! So yes, very funny! Here she is trying to take off her booties!
Katinka has style, thats for sure!


Halloween Time

So I LOVE Fall. And holidays. And decorating wherever I live with seasonal decor. My sophomore year my dad came to visit around Halloween time and got me some Halloween decorations. It was awesome. That was when I lived in King Henry and Kevin and I were first hanging out. So pretty much I have more Halloween decorations then all Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day...decorations combined.
So Kev and I had FHE (family home evening). Had a lesson and then decorated our apartment with super GHOUL Halloween decorations! Couldn't convince Kev to get in any pictures so here is a little look in our festive apartment... Sorry I am in these but you can kind of tell... :)
I hung up the sweet black spider!!! Halloween pumpkin lights around our mirror. Football pumpkin & light up pumpkin by the tv.

After Katinka got her spay checkup (to see how she was healing), we wandered over to the dog costumes and tried some on for fun. I would like to buy her a super cute one but they are not worth $20! Sadly haha...but luckily I had my camera on me and took a few pics. I think she would be a good pumpkin! :)


In-laws in town!

So I don't have all of the pictures of this vacation for Kev's parents. But I have a few from this weekend! Kev's parents came in town Thursday night and we had a fun-filled weekend packed with tons of stuff to do! Some of the things we did were: watch Kevin's baseball practices, go to the BYU football game, fish in Provo canyon and hangout on the railroad tracks, shop at Costco and the BYU Bookstore, attended the temple, and Kevin playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64 with his freshmen buddies... here are some pictures!
Greg & Kathy had never met Katinka before- so it was very exciting! Kathy got Katinka a super cute present from this awesome dog store in Kansas City! Here is Katinka opening her present!!!Katinka's new favorite toy! Designer fluffy cheetah squeeky bone! She is obsessed!

Super cute dog treats that she also got from Grandmamma Sloan! They look so good that we all wanted to eat them haha!

Kev doing a usual face for him lol & me at the BYU vs. CSU game! To the right is Kev's dad, Greg, & mom, Kathy! We should have got a group picture!

THANK GOODNESS BYU beat CSU! Ahh I would have died if we had lost. Everyone I know goes to CSU basically (from back home- high school friends) and we had to win so I could give them crap about it haha! Plus BYU is much better than CSU. Obviously. Scoreboard says it all!

Here is the fab 4...Kevin, Andrew, Bryce, & Aaron! And I forgot to say there "dewskies" (between Kev & Andrew). They are OBSESSED with Smash Brothers and all have their own characters that they are loyal to and always choose. I think Kevin is Kirby. One time sophomore year at Carriage Cove (this is when I first knew them) Kevin supposedly lost an epic battle of Smash and then punched through a wall at the apartment...so this is kind of a big deal to them...hilarious.

And we did go up to Provo canyon and walked around and flyfished and those pics are in a diff post! But I need to update those pictures because I don't have that many of those! So this was a little bit of the weekend :) It was super fun!


Katinka can't have babies.

So Katinka got spayed. Sadly, I took away her ability to produce little adorable puppies. But I did decrease her chances greatly, of having womanly cancers...I thought she was going to be a little drama girl when I picked her up at the Banfield Pet Hospital. She was sooo stinkin cute and had stitches up her belly and a little bandage where they shaved her arm and put an IV in. Any who, she did great and ran around like a crazy woman.
She loves to lick and she was licking her wound a lot so I had to get her a 'cone of shame!' (I guess this is from the children's movie, "Up"-which I never saw). She kind of licked some of her stitches semi-out...but after having the vet look at it, it would be okay! They will just disintegrate. It was so pathetic and she looked hilarious but really really sad! Here she is trying to deal with not being able to touch anything. She also kept running into things because her 'head' was wider than she thought!
Look at how pathetic she looks! This was right after I got her home. She was out of it! And she had a little "cast" on her right paw because they shaved her hair and put an IV in it during the surgery. If you look closely you can see her scar/stitches on her stomach where they went in!
Poor baby girl! I LOVE HER!

Katinka's Friend

So I was on a walk with Katinka...walks are really relaxing by the way! And this is the second time I have seen this cat....the last time I tried to get Katinka to run up to it and the cat was so stiff and sneaky that Katinka didn't even notice her sitting there. I guess it is someones cat who lives here at The Oakhurst...but it is always out and about. So I had Katinka run to the cat and the cat ran away and jumped up on the side of the clubhouse....it was hilarious. Katinka was barking and wagging her tail and the cat twice her size was freaked out!
Katinka is just trying so hard to make friends!!! Poor girl. The cat did not want to play...! This is another reasons dogs>cats!
Not going to lie, I was a little afraid that the cat would maul Katinka...but then again it's not in the jungle of Jamaica. On our honeymoon Kev & I went on a jungle zip line course. There were like 10 cats just chillin in the forest and I wanted to play with one! So I grabbed a cute one and then it mauled me and scratched me and kind of gave me a rash. A guy in our group apparantly got it on his videocamera...not realizing I would be attacked! Ha. This cat was DEF too scared to do that, so it was all good!


Date Night

So I planned a date night for Kev & I! :)
We ate at Red Robin...and me being a super thrifty girl got a coupon for $5 off! So that is why I picked Red Robin! Um that place is amazing. I forgot how good it was! It has been awhile since I have been there! We had amazing spinach/artichoke dip for an appetizer and then of course had burgers...I tried a really random one! It is hamburger, like some meaty sauce, cheese sticks, and I have no idea what else. It was surprisingly good and Kev & and the waitress convinced me to try it! It is a new special hamburger or something.
Kevin always wanted to get me a red pea coat...so while I was out and about I justified
a purchase and knew he would approve. Plus it is getting cold outside! So here is
my pea coat...love it!
 (and the chick to the left- some randoms dressed like this so I don't know them haha)
Here is us waiting to be seated at Red Robin! Oh and I saw a girl in my ManEc class here! Red Robin is a happening place with their deals and promotions going on right here!
After Red Robin, we were going to go to Color Me Mine. It is a place where you paint pottery-bowls, cups, plates, and random stuff. Apparently it is a popular date spot, and neither Kev or I have been there! We kind of ran out of time so we decided to watch a new show that I LUCKILY tivoed...because this show is AMAZING!!!
So it is FlashForward! Thankfully Aaron Powell told Kev that the show was tight and I tivoed every episode. We watched 3 episodes that night (all an hour long) and after that we were HOOKED! So now every Thursday night it is on and it is epic. It is a thinking type of show, which I love, because you have no idea what is going on or what will happen! The makers of Lost made it...and I LOVE Lost!!!!! Any who, I recommend it.
SO our date was pretty good! I love Kevo!


Inspiration to the Work Setting.

Love. Kevin & I LOVE Office. Kevin was watching a few episodes over the weekend. I was in the bedroom. Kevin was in the living room. That is as far as we can be from each other while being in our apartment. Not trying to say we were avoiding each other. But this distance is how far Kevin's laugh traveled. More than a few times.
The Office is hilarious. And props to my dad who shows it to his employees during meetings. www.zhats.com . Anywho, Michael Scott wants his work to be like 'family'. And here he is putting on a very very small 5K or prob less, that he calls "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure." How cool is that? Any who that is one of my favorite episodes, so just had to throw it in there.
And here is Michael Scott followed by
Angela and looks like Phyllis and Bob Vance (Vance refrigeration)
The Office is great. We love it. It adds joy to our Thursdays and is a good way to bring in the Friday and weekend! If you do not watch The Office...you should. The end! That's what she said.

Someday I will get a professional camera!

Katinka- before her photoshoot
Okay, I don't even know what a professional camera is but in my definition it is:

Professional Camera (Pro-fesh-een-al Cam-er-ah)-

a. legit. b. has a sweet zoom. c. can take action shots very well.
d. big and needs a sweet case to put it in.
So I was trying to be artsy at the Provo canyon at Vivian Park. I actually didn't drive up here intentionally to be an aspiring photographer. My subject just came into my frame and posed. And her name is Katinka. So here is my best attempt of an artsy shot of my baby girl sunbathin' on the traintracks! (Kev, Kathy, & Greg were all fishing) I was puppysitting! So enjoy. Just kidding, it's not that good. But I think it's cute :)
This is probably my best pic. Not exactly sure. But the lines and the focus I think are good? Amanda? Let me know! Lol.

And here is Katinka's headshot. If only the shadow wasn't there! Oh well I'm not that good.

Kevin's New Hobby

...Flyfishing! Thank goodness Kevin loves it because he wouldn't be a legit son-in-law if he didn't! Haha just kidding, but not really. My dad got him a sweet flyrod for his birthday a year ago. I guess he was hoping he would flyfish because that is one of my dad's favorite things to do. Finally he got a chance to flyfish and learn a little about the river's ways. Where to cast the fly, what types of flies to use, and what type of flies, waders, reels, rods, brands, extc are good. Apparantly Simm's waders are the BEST. So here is a pic of Kevin fly fishing at the Provo River. The in-laws (Greg & Kathy) were actually in town and they wanted to flyfish as well so we all went up to Vivian Park and it was gorgeous up there!


BYU Football vs. Florida State

Yeah we are COUGARS!
This game was supposed to be the best game ever. BYU was supposed to keep their amazing top 10 ranking...but this didn't happen. So we started the day off with a sweet BYU Baseball tailgate party at the Baseball field (good thing it is so close to the football field!). We had hotdogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, pop, and more and all compliments of Costco! Ha. We pretty much devoted our day to this game. We were all pumped and ready for some domination. Ben & Amanda (who he have season tix with) and the whole baseball team was at the tailgate.
Here is a pic of Amanda, Whitney (dating Blake Torgey), & me. STOKED for the game where we were supposed to win!
We still believed in the Cougars right around here...not for much longer though!
And after this it went downhill.
Seriously BYU? No idea what happened.
Oh well. Nothing we could do! So we left 10 minutes early in the 4th quarter and ran to our cars. Then we (Castleberry's) & us ate at Happy Sumo! That place is bomb! I do not get the sushi but they have other great entrees. Kevin LOVES sushi so we go there kind of often if it is a date night. What is funny, well not funny, but when BYU wins (like when they beat Oklahoma and hurt Sam Bradford) life was INCREDIBLE and when they lose...it sucks haha. Kind of true and pathetic but hey we need the wins! Haha. Better luck next time Cougars.


BYU Baseball Alumni Game

So it was Kevin's birthday (Sept. 18) and of course there was a BYU Baseball Alumni Golf Tourney all day and Alumni Baseball game! So pretty much Kev's bday was packed with Baseball-esque stuff and not enough time to celebrate his birth...day!
Here is me and Kaycie at the game- I was actually pretty sick but got ready enough to get to the gameKaycie & I...too bad I'm not dancing w/her this semester :(Basically Kevin dominated...he played 3rd base.......and did amazing. And I missed it. But everyone was real proud of him! I'm so mad I missed it. I felt so bad. But I was sick. Kevin's the BEST!!!!


White > Tan

Twilight- Edward Cullen & Bella...Cullen!
I'm white. I don't tan (tanning salons and beds...). I am not going to have tons and tons of wrinkles when I am almost 3o years old. So not worth it! Finally here is some amazingly white movie stars that are wickedly white! :) And here's Bella!!!Basically don't tan.


Who wants to build this? :)

So it is funny that this is my blog post for the evening of General Conference Weekend. I am not trying to be materialistic but I have been wanting to post about dream bathrooms and houses for awhile but forgot about it, until now...while Kevin is at the Priesthood session of General Conference. So apologize this is not a spiritual post! Ha!
Kevin found this group of pictures randomly while he was just opening up the internet and on the msn homepage there was an article on bathrooms of the future.
Basically if I had a sweet spa in my home, it would be money. (as Kevin says as in 'tight'). So who wants to build one of these for me? Hehe just kidding. But I LOVE spas....facials....massages....hot tubs....saunas....why not have one in the home? Anywho...someday haha. Well see!