Katinka is READY for Gametime!

So I purchased Katinka a little football jersey complements of Walmart. I know, right. Walmart? Not my favorite store, AT ALL. But they did have a few cute dog outfits! I got her a pink jersey because its more girly, but I wanted to get her a blue one for Cougars...but then thought people may think she is a boy! Any who here she is...so cute and ready for GAMETIME! Come on Cougars...get GOOD again!
I know this is a funny but kind of cute :) And she just looked up at the last second.

Okay not going to lie- didn't get 'Love Receiver' until the end of the day after I bought it. She receives our LOVE- we LOVE her!!!! So yes this is the back and she is so so cute.
Good times chillin' with Katinka while Kevin is working the baseball camps as an UMP!

1 comment:

  1. no way!! :)

    she is the cutest pup ever!

    wish I was visiting this weekend!