Found. Hidden Talent.

So...last time when I went to The Links At Sleepy Ridge...and went to the driving range, I was awful. It was the worst day ever. I kept missing the ball. And everyone around me were hardcore golfers! Haha. You NEVER would have thought that I could hit a ball...but then this day came... (this was also the Saturday that BYU beat OU!- so GOOD day!)
Pretty much thought I was going to be driving the cart and hitting 1 ball...
Just being weird in the golf cart...
Another one haha...
Perfect follow through.
Probably a "practice swing". Which means I missed and then pretended like I meant to do that.
So I'm not that good. It was just suprising that I could hit the ball and chip it pretty good. Kevin never thought this would have happened. It was amazing. I just can't play too many holes otherwise it's too long and also if they are really long drives (or have a long green)...not my favorite! But I did get a par putt on the back 9 at Cascade (which is the mountain course)...so that was a HUGE acheivement! I was so mad I missed my last putt....so I got one over par... here is an amazing view pic from Cascade...which was my 2nd time golfing and still pretty good This was the mountain course and it was so pretty! You can see Orem in the distance! And this was right next to a cliff...so if you didn't get a good hit your ball is gone!
I just realized that a lot of my blog posts are about golf. Never thought I would ever golf...or even like it haha. Just thought it was a joke sport for me because I was so bad! Kevin says for how I played I get a golf outfit...next season...since this one is pretty much over :)

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