Cabin in Idaho

We got invited to go up to Aaron Hale's cabin in Idaho for the weekend and it was really fun! Aaron Hale was a scoutmaster for Kevin when they both were in Kansas City. Kevin is pretty close with Aaron and was so stoked to go up! And Brandon and Breanne Relf came along as well. So one thing that Aaron and Kevin made fun of all growing up was 'mullets'. Kevin definitely surprised Aaron with a mullet of his own! Haha. It was so funny.
Not going to lie but I have a lot of pictures of this weekend and a lot of them are real good...so sorry about the length :)
Kevin at the top of a mountain where we 4wheeled. Perfect shot of the mullet flapping in the wind Me on the 4wheeler on top of the mountain! We 4wheeled all the way up and then got to hike into this pretty lake. The guys fished here. If you can see it's Breanne, Brandon, Kevin, and I.Took a pit stop at a mine shaft and Kev and I are in it...totally rocking the light bulbs on our foreheads!
Kevin in the cave
If you look at where I'm standing you'll notice it is water...and it was SO cold! It was freezing cold but we walked through it to go through the cave.
Beautiful scenery
Kevin's new favorite thing= FLY fishing. He just caught a small fish haha as usual. Just kidding but no it was small, but he's legit.
My fish I caught with the Barbie fishing pole! Its hard to see because McKay's head is right behind it haha.
Kevin and Brandon in their waders
Idaho was so much fun :)

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  1. how awesome...what a fun trip! i love your barbie fishing pole! :)