BYU Football

So luckily we DID buy the All Sports Passes because this season is going to be AWESOME! I normally don't care much about football and would go in high school because it was more social haha and didn't watch too much football but Kevin is teaching me the positions, terms, and everything like that!
The first game was AWESOME... It was away sadly and they played OU and UPSET them 14-13....lets just say it was incredible! And we hurt Sam Bradford! So their MVP is gone...and Heisman guy or nominee or whatever....hurt shoulder! OU was ranked #3 and BYU was ranked #21-24ish (I forgot) but after they beat them they moved up to #9!
2nd game- BYU had some total domination...won by 51 points... they beat Tulane and the final score was 54-3. After this win they moved up to #7!!!
So I'm stoked for this season and the Castleberry's have season tickets with us right in the front! So it should be a fun time for sure :)

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  1. awesome! I'm so glad you guys got the all-sports pass! I loved the football games we went to when I was married. Yeah, a lot different than those single days, haha...but still sweet!

    this DOES look like it will be a great season! I think even David has let go of the idea of "Chiefs" football this year...I'm trying to get him on the dark (blue) side.