xoxo. Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl. Good show...starting to watch...very OC'ish. Lots of drama. Lots of fabulous clothes and fashion. Chantell and I went to the mall and got some very 'Blair Waldorf' headbands... I do not have a good picture yet of my headband...but sometime I will. :) Pretty much headbands are awesome and this girl is hilarious (Blair).

Gossip Girl.

Found. Hidden Talent.

So...last time when I went to The Links At Sleepy Ridge...and went to the driving range, I was awful. It was the worst day ever. I kept missing the ball. And everyone around me were hardcore golfers! Haha. You NEVER would have thought that I could hit a ball...but then this day came... (this was also the Saturday that BYU beat OU!- so GOOD day!)
Pretty much thought I was going to be driving the cart and hitting 1 ball...
Just being weird in the golf cart...
Another one haha...
Perfect follow through.
Probably a "practice swing". Which means I missed and then pretended like I meant to do that.
So I'm not that good. It was just suprising that I could hit the ball and chip it pretty good. Kevin never thought this would have happened. It was amazing. I just can't play too many holes otherwise it's too long and also if they are really long drives (or have a long green)...not my favorite! But I did get a par putt on the back 9 at Cascade (which is the mountain course)...so that was a HUGE acheivement! I was so mad I missed my last putt....so I got one over par... here is an amazing view pic from Cascade...which was my 2nd time golfing and still pretty good This was the mountain course and it was so pretty! You can see Orem in the distance! And this was right next to a cliff...so if you didn't get a good hit your ball is gone!
I just realized that a lot of my blog posts are about golf. Never thought I would ever golf...or even like it haha. Just thought it was a joke sport for me because I was so bad! Kevin says for how I played I get a golf outfit...next season...since this one is pretty much over :)


Katinka is READY for Gametime!

So I purchased Katinka a little football jersey complements of Walmart. I know, right. Walmart? Not my favorite store, AT ALL. But they did have a few cute dog outfits! I got her a pink jersey because its more girly, but I wanted to get her a blue one for Cougars...but then thought people may think she is a boy! Any who here she is...so cute and ready for GAMETIME! Come on Cougars...get GOOD again!
I know this is a funny but kind of cute :) And she just looked up at the last second.

Okay not going to lie- didn't get 'Love Receiver' until the end of the day after I bought it. She receives our LOVE- we LOVE her!!!! So yes this is the back and she is so so cute.
Good times chillin' with Katinka while Kevin is working the baseball camps as an UMP!


BYU Football

So luckily we DID buy the All Sports Passes because this season is going to be AWESOME! I normally don't care much about football and would go in high school because it was more social haha and didn't watch too much football but Kevin is teaching me the positions, terms, and everything like that!
The first game was AWESOME... It was away sadly and they played OU and UPSET them 14-13....lets just say it was incredible! And we hurt Sam Bradford! So their MVP is gone...and Heisman guy or nominee or whatever....hurt shoulder! OU was ranked #3 and BYU was ranked #21-24ish (I forgot) but after they beat them they moved up to #9!
2nd game- BYU had some total domination...won by 51 points... they beat Tulane and the final score was 54-3. After this win they moved up to #7!!!
So I'm stoked for this season and the Castleberry's have season tickets with us right in the front! So it should be a fun time for sure :)


Still a Junior

Inside of part of the Tanner Building... It is the N. Eldon Tanner Building for Business :) Basically I live here now...everyone looks so professional!

This is my fourth year at BYU and somehow it says I am still a Junior. Oh well, it happens. Who graduates in 4 years anyways? No one. Well unless your a freak and overload yourself with classes and have no fun in college. So yes technically this is my third year, according to credits. My major is Business Management, emphasis in Marketing and I'm minoring in World Dance. World Dance aka Folk dance is another story. I will blog about that... For now! I'm all business and I have NO classes Friday! I love not having classes on Friday! Every week is a 3 day week! I have not had no classes Friday except for maybe Freshman year one semester. Folk dance does that to you. Monday/Wednesday/Friday and somehow you schedule other classes Friday otherwise it's a pain to go on campus for 1 class.
Here is an outside pic of the Business Building...Pretty!
My classes this semester are:

New Testament (Rel 211): I do like this class, religion classes are definitely good at BYU. Weirdly, it is in the RB, RIGHT next to where I always dance...and did dance until this semester. And I see all of my dancing friends dance...and I'm not.

Information Systems (ISYS 201): Pretty much you learn about motherboards, gigabytes, and making databases mixed with Excel and tons of NOT FUN stuff. Luckily I know a girl in there (Kayla McColm) and we will get through with it!

Managerial Economics (ManEc 453- Money, Banking, & Business): Pretty much our teacher is super vague and no one has any idea of what is going on. We catch glimpses of truth when he speaks down to us and then lose it when he goes back to normal. The teacher is pretty funny and is passionate about ManEc. He says he 'absolutely LOVES forecasting' (so inflation, stocks, bonds, interest rates, who knows what on Excel). It's funny. Luckily I met a cool girl, Lauren Tavernier, who we spend hours on our daily assignments. Today we spent 2 hours on changing nominal values from the year 1970 to real values with the help of a GDP Deflator (compliments of FRED), graphing them, analyzing them, and doing it like 5 times. Good times....

Business Law (Acc 241): Surprisingly so far I do like this class, a little bit. You read for hours out of a heavy maroon law book. I like carrying it around because people think I'm smart although the downside is that it is at least 5 pounds. The class kind of makes me want to be a lawyer, like in Legally Blonde, but then again I don't like reading cases.... so and so vs. so and so...plaintiff vs. defendant. We'll see how it goes. Oh and good thing I know a bunch of random guys in there...and well suck it up and become lawyers for the semester.

Women's Entrepreneur Lecture Series (BusM 371R): This class makes me want to be an entrepreneur...but then it is a lot of hard work. And I would like to skip hard work and get whatever I want ASAP. I like instant gratification. Oh well! But every other week a female entrepreneur comes in and gives us an inspiring lecture. It's super interesting and inspiring.

So that's that. 12 credits. MW are pretty hectic days. T/Th I have one class. Friday- none. So I am looking to hopefully get this job to fill in Friday/Saturday/possibly Tuesday and Thursday as well. So I'm waiting for them to call me :) I want to be a Care Technician at CFC (Center for Change) and change peoples lives and 'help people who need help'. Here's there website: http://www.centerforchange.com/

Oh and DON'T APPLY...I want it :) Thanks! That's all for today. Or for this post. It's been awhile since I've blogged.
PS. Kevin started BYU Baseball tryouts this week and so I had to put a throwback pic on...okay it is from last season...but he is doing quite well pitching and playing 3rd base :) So we'll see what happens!


Cabin in Idaho

We got invited to go up to Aaron Hale's cabin in Idaho for the weekend and it was really fun! Aaron Hale was a scoutmaster for Kevin when they both were in Kansas City. Kevin is pretty close with Aaron and was so stoked to go up! And Brandon and Breanne Relf came along as well. So one thing that Aaron and Kevin made fun of all growing up was 'mullets'. Kevin definitely surprised Aaron with a mullet of his own! Haha. It was so funny.
Not going to lie but I have a lot of pictures of this weekend and a lot of them are real good...so sorry about the length :)
Kevin at the top of a mountain where we 4wheeled. Perfect shot of the mullet flapping in the wind Me on the 4wheeler on top of the mountain! We 4wheeled all the way up and then got to hike into this pretty lake. The guys fished here. If you can see it's Breanne, Brandon, Kevin, and I.Took a pit stop at a mine shaft and Kev and I are in it...totally rocking the light bulbs on our foreheads!
Kevin in the cave
If you look at where I'm standing you'll notice it is water...and it was SO cold! It was freezing cold but we walked through it to go through the cave.
Beautiful scenery
Kevin's new favorite thing= FLY fishing. He just caught a small fish haha as usual. Just kidding but no it was small, but he's legit.
My fish I caught with the Barbie fishing pole! Its hard to see because McKay's head is right behind it haha.
Kevin and Brandon in their waders
Idaho was so much fun :)