Tubing the Provo River

The Guys- Sean's friend named Duy?, Jared Miller, Sean McNaughton,
Kevin aka hubby, Jake Wortham, Blake Torgeson
So my friends started getting back in town (from home away from college) and we went tubing down the Provo river! A bunch of the baseball guys came as well. Actually I think Sean McNaughton planned it. Sean is hilarious. He is the only guy I know who tubes down the river with a brand new CD player (that he bought *Just* for tubing!) in a separate tube (with a rope tied to it so Sean can get to it) and a cooler full of pop in another separate tube...!!! Hahahaha this was one of the funniest things ever!
The girls- Alexandra Sullivan, Brittany Watkins,
me, Lynette Williams, Shayla Forsey

Shayla and I showing off our sweet life vests...
Cabela's had a SWEET deal for these life vests... only $9.99!
So Kev and I got one each and next summer will prob buy our own tubes :)The whole group :) And this is a funny story...So here is Jake Wortham in a little kid life vest...and here is Kevin in his own life vest...and little short shorts aka mankini. (If you watched The Bachelorette thats what Ed called them haha)... And Kevin also has a mullet thanks to Thomas Bills! His hair grew out during the summer real long and he wanted a mullet with steps on the side...so that's what happened. I guess when you attend BYU and have an honor code where you can't have long hair its nice to rebel in the summer haha.
Tubing was so fun! I got dominated for sure...by the tree branches, bushes, and rocks...and I flipped out under a bridge haha... so in the end its probably better to float by yourself (and not connected to all your friends) because you will get attacked by branches and it will hurt!


  1. awww, the memories of provo river tubing! :) haha! looks like you guys had fun!

    sweet life vest!

  2. How Fun! We are doing this on Sat, i'm excited! p.s. sad you aren't in the ward any more but hope you are liking the new place!