Story of Tawny

Tawny is what I named my first short-haired chihuahua. I found her on ksl.com in the classifieds. That is where a lot of people find breeders and whatnot. Tawny is the puppy I had for a few days before I got Katinka. I was watching my brothers, Hunter & Zach, while my parents and Kelsi were being youth conference leaders for the camp in Utah. I watched them for about a week. We drove up to Kearns, Utah on Monday and met the breeder and saw all of the puppies! I was so shocked at how small the chihuahuas were. They were 6 weeks exactly and born on Mothers Day. I liked Tawny because her coloring was a little different and she had a black nose/face and black paws and the tip of her tail was black. She was super cute.

I got her the next day. We meet up half way, actually in the Ikea parking lot, because I am in Provo and she is in Kearns. My brothers and I were soooo excited! We went to Petsmart the night before to get her some puppy supplies. The breeder told me that Tawny (or Wolf-ie as they called her because of her coloring) might have a heart murmur but that she would probably grow out of it. She said the doctor wasn't really sure but she might have a little one.
Zach & Tawny right when I got her!

Hunter & Tawny. He is a total dog lova!

Me & Tawny. I was SOOOO happy!

I went home and googled it and said that some puppies have severe ones but most are not bad and they grow out of them. Then my mom came back from youth conference (up north in Utah) and we decided to take her to the Banfield Pet Hospital.

This was close to the worst day of my life! The nurse got some of her puppy shots ready and the doctor came in and listened to her heart. I thought he was going to say it wasn't a big deal but then he said she has a severe one. He said she could die any day and you have to be ready for that and accept it. I would not be able to live everyday wondering once I got home from running errands or going to a class that Tawny could be dead. The problem is her heart. Her heart has extra holes in it and the blood flows around and makes extra noises when the doctor listens to her heart beat. If she had one out of numerous severe puppy murmurs she could get surgery for $5000 after finding out if she has a certain one for $1000. She might not even make it through the surgery.

She weighed less than 2 pounds. Apparently her mom had a few litters that year and she probably was over bred. She was the tiniest puppy I've ever seen. My dad called the breeder and told her about Tawny and she burst into tears. My dad took her back to the breeder because she could die any day and I just needed a healthy puppy. Plus Tawny's mom, brother, uncle, and other dogs lived at the breeders house so she would have more dogs to play with. The breeder loves Tawny and is going to take care of her the best that she can! Hunter is so cute. He always prays for Tawny that her heart will get better.


  1. ash...i teared up. that is SO sad! i will be like hunter and pray for her too. haha

  2. i love your little brother...he is such a cutie!

    what a sad thing. oh gosh...it just breaks my heart. I think it's good that she is back around her brothers and sisters! :)

  3. Kaycie oh my gosh you are the best! Haha I cried my eyes out for a few days...thinking she may die, well she may have. Ah it is so sad.