Kevin's Surprise

So Kevin was in Albany, New York playing baseball on a summer league. He was going to be flying back on a Sunday but flew in Saturday morning, and surprised me! So I just started running on the treadmill when Kevin called me just to say hi and while I was on my phone my dad yelled from upstairs to come up there. He said a UPS man was up there and wanted me to sign for a package so I ran up and it was Kevin! I was so stoked.
On the canoe after Kevin just showed up :)
Me in the canoe and the La Chateou.So we ended up in some weeds (which I tried to row away from) and Kevin said he saw a bottle with paper in it. So he got it out and told me to check it out. So I opened the message in the bottle and he had typed me a cute note haha. It was epic!
Kevin just met Katinka and here is Kita's Kodak moment haha.
Kita & Katinka sharing a bone. BFFs.
Chilling in the the lake. And I couldn't get back on the dock because there was no ladder. Good thing Kevin is strong and lifted me out of the water as I scraped myself lol.

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  1. what a cute surprise!! What an amazing Chateou! :) I wish I could see it all finished!