Katinka's Stay in FoCo

I got Katinka in Fort Collins, Colorado and here are some pics of her!
Me & Tinka
Katinka & Kita meeting each other...kiss!
Kita, Mom, & Katinka. 2 puppies!!! Katinka LOVES to sleep on her back. Haha.
Katinka is so teeny. 1.6 lbs right here.
Katinka in the puppy stroller my mom bought at the Wagz Boutique downtown! Surprised dad for sure
Katinka's face is priceless. Katinka & Kita are BFF's. They love to play and have little pretend fights. (Totally normal. Serious.)Tinka loves to 'sit'.....for doggy treats.
This is how Hunter plays with Kita and Katinka. Crazy. Somehow Kita is so chill with it. Katinka looks a little scared!
First bath! She shrunk in half.
If your not a dog person maybe you should not follow my blog haha. I love my puppy and you may see her a lot on here lol.

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  1. I LOVE all your puppy posts...I can live vicariously through you because I know one thing...a dog is not in our near future! :)